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No gravity from this abyss

by Holy_Requiem

Believe it when I say tried to kill myself.

I caught a plane to Vietnam on the 15th of May 2020 – the plan was to have a good ..meal..have some decent sex then end it with a gun shot wound as I would be using the little savings I had left for a pleasurable time then go out with a bang. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. My Visa got approved online but upon arrival at the international Vietnamese airport they retracted granting people Visas because of the Corona Virus. Me and 20 other nationals from Russians to Canadians were returned back to our original destination.

Why Vietnam? it could have been anywhere other than Australia. Anywhere where my passport would have been burnt and no one would know what my real identity would be so that my pitiful suicide would have not reached those i should have took vengeance on. Those that know me would not known I’ve disappeared.  To be invisible through death is better  to be alive in poverty and despair.


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Sbilko 6/2/2020 - 7:44 am

I am truly sorry for all your pain, all your suffering. Why is it that you want to take your life? Is the pain truly unbearable, or is it because there is no reason for which to bear the pain? Because the human being is ready to go through incredible amounts of pain, so long as there is a reason for it.

Please, don’t commit suicide; think about your family, your friends. How much your parents would suffer, and how much worse it would make it that they will be searching for your body, only to be crushed by the worst nightmare of a parent.

Please, reconsider whether committing suicide is the best option. There is a way out that is not suicide, no matter how painful the current situation is, countless of people have found it, and I’m sure you can find it too.

Holy_Requiem 6/4/2020 - 1:33 am

I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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