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Lies and manipulation

by pinkbaby331

This empty feeling fills my stomach. The girl who tried to get with my boyfriend so that “id kill myself” acting like I completely made up everything I told my man and acted like I was a crazy liar. now I sit in my room, filled with emptiness. I know the truth but in the back of my mind it feels like no one will believe me when she full heartedly denies it and acts like a fake *****. sorry for the complaining. just another day to conquer I guess. something just doesn’t feel right. manipulation and deceit have fucked up my mind. I see things and confront people because I guess im a kinda angry person but I would never say that she posted what she did if she did not, if that makes sense.

Its gotten to the point where I just feel physically sick and weak. I have no where to go anymore, I have nothing to look forward to. I wish I could be nicer to people who have wronged me but the anger inside of me forces it all out like a tiny eruption. just to finally get to say what ive wanted to her felt so good, but she completely acted like I was crazy and spreading hate and making everything up. If this is war, im gonna win. Im not the only one whose seen what she has posted and if she can turn everyone I barely have against me, she will get her wish.

“My ex and his girl just broke up, should I get with him so she wants to kill herself” like who makes that up out of thin air. I could never accuse someone of saying that unless they actually said it, and I saw video proof of her saying it and trying to look like a bad *****. whatever tho, may her wish never come true, and may I rise above her witchcraft and deceit in the name of god.

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Virus.Found 9/20/2020 - 8:32 pm

That’s not really nice of that girl and sorry, your bf doesn’t believe you. I feel like he should.. There’s no reason for you to make this up. If it’s already spread to making you sick and weak, then it’s really bad.! He should ignore that person because you’re the one that should matter to him.! Don’t feel bad for lashing out, it’s just how you were made. I’m unfortunately someone who never talks back and just suffers from it inside and that’s really hurtful. You said what you said to a deceiving person and that’s fine. Yes, rise above that.!~

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