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Fucked world.

by strawberrycrown

How fucked is the world we live in today?
These days I can say that I am:
One of the few that haven’t been sexually abused
One of the few that haven’t had a knife pulled on them
And I am
One of the many that have an eating disorder
One of the many that self harm
One of the many that have tried to kill themselves
We live in a society today where so many people and especially at young ages are suffering or experiencing such traumatic things.


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xxAnonxx 9/27/2020 - 9:10 am

Yes to everything. I am the same am/am not. All I can say is maybe those of us who see everything that’s wrong with the world need to stick around and make it right. Or die trying. You & I are lucky we never suffered abuse, so maybe we should help those who have. That’s a thought that keeps me alive some days, I hope it might help you too <3

Abandoned 9/27/2020 - 9:30 am

i actually wonder if maybe it isnt quite this way. i mean if depression, suicide and hurt is all we see then of course its all we are going to believe however it doesnt mean everything is this way just seems like it.

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