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Painless Methods?

by Rosanne

I have been ill a very long time.
As time goes by I developed severe brain pain and more. Almost 2 decades. It’s become unbearable. I have no life to speak of. Doctors have been useless.
I am wanting to look at possible alternatives to dying that are not very painful.


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thebends 9/1/2020 - 2:39 pm

thats the question on all our minds, and we have no answers unfortunately. If you have a documented untreatable disease, you might find help from one of those international suicide organizations, but I despise those groups because they require money up front before they even talk to you. Then a yearly membership, and actual costs, expenses, and a little something on top for their trouble. I guess if you’re desperate it’s an option. Aside from that, we’re all in the same sinking boat with no good answers.

Empty Husk 9/1/2020 - 5:50 pm

I know of one, obviously not gonna discuss it here.

Rosanne 9/2/2020 - 9:21 am

Please help me w your info.
I am struggling to navigate my way on this site. My brain is terribly affected. How can we connect?

Soda 9/2/2020 - 10:08 pm

I’ve experienced some really bad migraines in the past couple of years. Prior to that headaches were very rare for me.

I realized it was just due to my poor sleeping habits and once I got it under control they largely disappeared. It’s one of the worst forms of pain one can experience, fortunately I was able to manage it using advil.

But without a doubt, that is not something I could tolerate on a longer period of time as it is absolutely debilitating, not to mention the loss in terms of work.

So I understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to discuss methods on this site, but you can find many good ideas on Google.

If you live in Canada, they’ve legalized Euthanasia so that might be something to inquire about. I’ve heard of some states in the US which allow it as well.

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