Cant think of one good reason why i shouldn’t kill myself….

January 13th, 2011 by watersoluble

Somewhat melodramatic perhaps but I just cant. I’ve had an alcohol problem for over 10 years now and I have no idea how too possibly beat it. Ive been depressed for as long as I can remember and even that seems in insignificant word to describe how i feel. Why should i not just die now, why the fuck not. It wont make any difference. Ive fucked up so much of everything that i dont know how to get back to any semblance of normality or life, or frankly if ive ever been there.

You are lucky if you have the strength to daily decide not to die. Karine Polwart.

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  1. because suicide is never the solution to anythinjg. So youi have an alcohol problem its a treatable problem. Aas for being depressed I think talking to people helps.suicide is a permanant solution to a temporary problem and you my friend have temporary I ask of you please don’t kill yourself.

  2. It doesnt feel very temporary.

  3. How long have you felt suicidal?

  4. Curse of the drink. Go to rehab if you want to change. Even though its like 1 in 20 but still it helps
    Move to a place where there isnt as much access to alcohol and slowly cut down, it only makes you sadder. Try a different drug, Try adrenline and do some extreme shit. I can think of a million reason y

    -Waste of Human energy
    -Waste of animate matter
    -Waste of a brain
    -Waste of organs

    If you cant stop it’s killing you anyway
    Do you really want to die being a addict?
    Make a name for yourself, Sober up you dont need it, You want it, It is just ethanol. It kills your soul. Giving it up will make your soul stronger
    Think of the consequences. this life and next

    think of the butterfly effect theorem

  5. # troubled Says:
    January 13th, 2011 at 7:04 pm e

    How long have you felt suicidal?

    - This time about a month, took an overdose in December been in touch with ‘crisis’ team since but they do nothing of any use.

    Nit3fr3ak Says:
    January 13th, 2011 at 7:24 pm e

    I’m not eligable for rehab or even detox having had once a year ago and only stayed sober for 9 weeks. I cant see how im going to do it alone, i keep trying and, well, failing spectacularly. I also have a Benzodiazepine addiction thanks to being put on it by my psychiatrist last year. Actually thats not fair, its my fault im addicted and cant kick it but he put me on them even though i can many contra indicators as a previous alcohol addict. :s

  6. You dont need a rehab, read about it and do the same program on your own. All it is willpower. I mean im pritty straighty 180 so its kinda hypocritical for me to say much but i grew up with it, Alcohol just takes control, so does any other drug, All it is the chemicals in your brain. you need to relax. and just put it down. Everytime you dont have a drink is making you stronger

    But it doesnt work if you dont want it to, I mean i know addiction, Its all the same. Its all in your head. All you need is willpower and willpower is built by dragging yourself away no matter how much it makes you feel sick

    Qwacks only know what the textbooks say they dont know what you need, You know what you need. U know its killing you but your not stupid. You know its wrong. you can fix it. YOU CONTROL YOUR BODY. YOU CAN DO IT BY YOURSELF. You can do it all.

    i mean i wouldnt want to die a junkie, Its up to you though

  7. Cheers for the ‘Junkie’ label, really helping me at this time.

  8. Well put nit3fr3ak couldn’t have said it better myself. I need to stop to.

  9. Its what u are, u cant stop the junk so your a junkie
    isnt that the definition?
    But its all the same u can stop it. your not too far gone
    Your alcohol doesnt have to affect you. You think it affects you
    If it makes you sad then stop, just put it down. i mean i know its hard
    the amount of people ive had to kidnap and use violence to brainwash them to realize they dont need it, Its just a chemical there is so much more to life to waste it hooked on to something, i mean write a book about ur struggle
    Then read it and Look at yourself from someone else perspective, like the nicest & strongest person in the world and do what they would do.

    I know you can kick it, You know u can kick
    You just dont want to survive without
    not having the old friend to lean on
    I mean i know nothing im just a 19 year old kid

    but i know life and death
    Its all i have ever known
    and i know how the most insignificant thing can change the world.
    Imagine your life if u never touched the shit

    Alcohol is worse than any other drug. It brings out true feelings that shouldnt be released. Who you really are and No-one likes who they really are.
    Everyone looks in the mirror and sees nothing but imperfections deep down to the soul

    Depression is forgetting that you deserve to be here
    you are everything u need to be and more
    Fight the demons your stronger then them.
    Everyone is stronger then they think.

    and too be honest. a normal life is impossible. something always goes wrong no matter if your rich, poor, smart and dumb something bad is going to happen. Maybe the way your life is know your normal, Millions and millions of people are addicted doesnt that make your life normal. Its just like everyone else.

    You can deal with it, If you want to

    Be extra-ordinary be better then all the other who have fallen to addiction and survive in their memory

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