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6 poem

May 30th, 2015by alonelybird

You seem lonely
A shy smile
I’ll hang with you
Just for awhile
But then I have to go
It’s not something I wanna do
But you know me
And my anxieties
I gravitate towards you
It’s all I do
I can’t help it
And I don’t want to


Drug Overdose

May 30th, 2015by Immurement

Let me count up me saved pills… I live in Canada and live on a Social Benefit so I get mine for free every month and I haven’t been taking them..


I have 200,000 MG of Seroquel pills, 95,000 MG of Methoprazine,  well over a million MGs of Effexor, about 50 MG of Xanax, 400 MG of Restoril, and 6 beer, 12.5 oz of Gin



Goodbye, maybe god will take pity on my worthless soul bye. fuck everything, bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye byeb byeeeeeeeeeeeuysb FYCK YOU FUCK YU MOM FUCK YTIU FUKING BEIONG BORN TO ME FUCK EVERYTIHNG



Story of my life

May 30th, 2015by Silentnoise

First of all I”ll tell u about my parents: when my mother was pregnant with me in her she wanted a girl since I have 2 older brothers, so when I was a child she used to treat me like a girl my hair was long, she used to let me wear dresses…etc I really love her the most in my familly, my older brother has psychological problems (autism, shezophrenia and some other syndromes) his iq is 70 – 80 therefore a lot of schools didn’t accept him, he should have went to


my life

May 30th, 2015by maxwell

Born at zero, learnt to walk at one, learnt to talk at two, got friends at three, learnt to draw at four, learnt to count at five, learnt to spell at six, parents divorced at seven, depressed at eight, confused at nine, alone at ten, procrastinating at eleven, drinking at twelve, cutting at thirteen, loved at fourteen, almost had a child at fifteen, started drugs at sixteen, lost everything at seventeen, dead at eighteen



May 30th, 2015by kukushafeek

when you were born you cried and the world rejoiced but make sure when you die the world cries but you rejoice takecare SP people



May 30th, 2015by Immurement

I’d love to sleep in your hollowed out chest because it suits every moment i remember best.


have you ever had to

May 30th, 2015by southbaycutty

Pretend that you’re high, to explain your wierdness. Acting busy all the time, but inside you’re lost. Being so indesicive about everything, I’m scared to put down both feet into something, whether it be in my social life or career descisions and even hobbies. I constantly question myself and I never get the right answers, It will always be me to fuck something up.



May 30th, 2015by sleeplessinSTL

My best friend, K,  tried to kill herself again tonight. Two of my best friends are dead, and another one is almost dead. I think that’s the only reason I’m still here. Her. I honestly think that she’s the last person I love on this earth. I mean, can I really say I love my fosters? I don’t think I can. Most of my family is on the other side of the world, an ocean away. Therapy makes me hate myself and all the others in my group even more It makes me into a different person, someone I want to strangle.

Well, at least K …


And the (heart) beat goes on (kinda sorta)

May 30th, 2015by bayareaguy

I’m the only member of my immediate family that is alone.  I don’t fit in or figure into their lives.  They make plans and do things without even asking if I’m interested.  I’m the proverbial 5th wheel.  So when I die I don’t expect they’ll really miss me.  I can’t even work anymore because of my heart.  I understand loneliness.  I truly believe no one even wants to love me.  What do I have to offer a potential partner?

Those of you who have “seen” me on here for 5 years know that I have a badly damaged heart and had to quit the job I …


We all lose

May 30th, 2015by justanothergirl09

I don’t know. There’s nothing left to say.

I’m just tired. Just want to leave.

I just don’t belong here.

I’ve never really liked games and life is just a game but the only thing that makes this game different is that we all know how it ends. Everyone loses. Everyone dies. 


30 day count down: 2nd post

May 29th, 2015by XcomingdownX5fdp

28 days left

I found someone one a dating site last night who had many similar  interests. We talked all night and then some today. I felt happy for the first time in a while. She started flirting with me and I honestly couldn’t believe it. We agreed to meet up next week to go hiking. Of course my fucked up mind instantly fell in love which never ends well. Turns out she likes some other person. Not sure why she’s on a dating site if she isn’t looking for someone. Maybe she just lied about liking someone after seeing my picture. …


I hate how I am; how I’ll always be.

May 29th, 2015by exulansis

I’m just so fucking stuck. No matter what I do, I’m stuck.

A little back story: my abusive boyfriend of a year and a half and I mutually split. It ended on a really, really bad note. I tend to just push it out of my mind and go numb to get over someone, which was working fine with him, until he messaged me again to try to be just friends. He knows shit like this ruins all my progress, every single time. I don’t think he cares anymore, though. I wouldn’t. I think he’s just getting a kick of dragging me along still. I don’t …


What are you thinking ?

May 29th, 2015by enlightmentmyass

Computer: what’s on your mind
Me: I don’t know
My conscience: yes you do…


countdown home

May 29th, 2015by godbless

It’s weird knowing I’m not going to make it past June. I’m not even sure what day,  I’m thinking around early-mid June.  Ideally anywhere from the 3rd-18th. I’ve always been alone in life and I’m going to be alone in death. I definitely don’t feel worthy of God’s time. I’ll learn from the experience and move on if an afterlife exists. I’m not doing anything different until then. I’m still just reading, hanging out with my dog, walking around, and praying for others. Lately I’ve talked with distant relatives at a family type event (I usually skip going) and it wasn’t really fun at all. …


It’s Getting Harder To Hold On

May 29th, 2015by Darxic

Hopefully this is not the end but it seems to be getting closer. I never thought I would be the type to quit the fight. However after 46 years it is getting harder to hang on. My depression and anxiety have spiraled so low that there seems like no light at the end of the tunnel.

People always say what about the friends and family you would be devastating, but what worth to them am I when the limits of my abilities is making dinner a night or two a week. My poor spouse has to work and go to school so she can get extra …


I got bored, so tried to use catch phrases from users on a Salt post, feel free to ignore.

May 29th, 2015by Procel

F uck you I’m not breaking,
I t doesn’t matter how much I’m aching,
G ritting my teeth to stop them shaking,
H elping hands always there remaking,
T he smiles and the laughing creating,

T he Fuck you I’m not breaking,
H ead to toe I may be quaking,
E ven then I won’t brake.

D epression will keep you awake,
A sking yourself “whatsa matter, is that all you can take?”
R ight so you shout “let’s see how far it can go” despite what’s at stake,
K nocked down, you whisper to yourself “get up, just get up” praying to the trinity,
N owhere left to turn you hear “you are more than


Does it get better??

May 29th, 2015by bubbles1128


The blood drips down her leg

Wondering what she did to deserve this

The life flows from the wounds she created.

The blade and blood is her true form of accepting.

Caring. Loving. Trusting,

All having sick and twisted definitions in her head.

Everyone hates her so why should she try?

Questions continuously swallowing the silence

The love she feels is false and empty

She has become bitter and broken but goes unnoticed.

The hard shell she has is not to keep you out,

Rather to keep her pieces contained

She once loved with her whole existence..

Worthless she feels.

The blood drips to the floor

The lights get blurry

Maybe this way she …


Probably the best time ever

May 29th, 2015by LittleBead

When I was hypomaniac three weeks ago I sent a bunch of applications to various productions… like tv series etc. I would have NEVER done it if I hadn’t been hypomaniac, because of very low self-esteem… but they answered and guess what. They like my playing the extra! I was even noticed by the movie director and I’m invited to movie sets every day. I went to one agency and when I was waiting one guy noticed me and I talked with him a bit and he asked me to contact him…he thought that I was an actress! Not saying that I have money! I …



May 29th, 2015by Terrible

I’ve been smoking cigarettes since I was in grade 7. Yep, that’s right, a 13 year old kid, smoking cigarettes. Now, I am in grade 9, and as much as I try to quit, I never can. I can’t get myself to not crave cigarettes anymore.
I always had thought that they would slowly kill me, but I guess they didn’t. They affect the way I do some things, like singing, or running – but they haven’t killed me yet.

Addiction is a hard thing to get over. Even now as I am writing this, my body is craving a cigarette. I know I need to quit- …


Living unloved for far too long

May 29th, 2015by Martin1987

12 years without love, 12 years without any girl telling me those 3 magical words: I love you. It gets more and more difficult to bear this loveless and lonesome life with each passing year.
Girls pass by me and they don’t even notice me, like I’m a ghost, while all my former “friends” are married or in a relationship.

I strongly hope that after I die I will go to a different world, a world in which love still exists.
I don’t plan to kill myself because I strongly believe that suicide is a sin. I will wait and die of natural causes. I can speed up that process with heavy smoking …