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I don’t think I can do this

June 29th, 2016by djarumblack

I told myself a while ago that I have to stick it out until I’m at least 30. Well, I’m 29 and I don’t see things getting better over this next year. I’ve burned bridges, and had tons of doors and windows close before me. I never make a full attempt to take the steps necessary to get to a better place, or I destroy every opportunity at happiness just to ensure my own misery. Worse still, I hurt other people with my flightiness: A good friend of mine finally wrote me off today.

I feel nothing. I can’t feel.

Some days I think I can …

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Four years ago today !!!!!

June 29th, 2016by noneedforaname

Hello to old friends and new. As you can see im not dead or in prison which i guess is a good thing. ( depending who you ask ) i haven’t been on in awhile, trying to be strong for eveybody else lmao. Anyways i do pop in to read post now and then but had to post today. Like many people, this is my vent. I get a lot of good advice, kind words, and a whole lotta ” shit ” off my chest. Its been 4 years today that GOD took my oldest son. He was 21 …

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I used to be something

June 29th, 2016by enduriciousness

I used to be the kind of girl who could find beauty anywhere. No matter how pitiful, shitty or something was, I could name at least one positive thing about it. Truthfully, I sucked at communicating my feelings verbally (even now) but if you handed me a pen and some papers, or just some sort of writing tools, I could tell you how I feel, armed with metaphors and all. I was pretty darn optimistic and positive and pretty much the opposite of what I am now. I was the reserved kind of gal, with reserved feelings that were actually raging inside of me, the …

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Why isn’t suicide allowed by society?

June 29th, 2016by plsletmego

Did you ever notice that traditional media avoids talking about suicide attempts?

When there’s a wave of suicide and people are killing themselves in public (train, metro, bridges, etc), it never gets to the tv or the newspaper.

I studied journalism and they told me that journalists shouldn’t talk about suicide because they would inspire other people to do it.

But shouldn’t suicide be a personal decision? Shouldn’t suicide be talked about?

There’s this big tabu around it and you can’t talk about it, and that makes people who have this suicidal thoughts even more disconnected and alienated.

Why does society automatically think suicide is selfish and bad and don’t try to understand …

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How to overcome depression for beginners

June 29th, 2016by metalwarrior665

I don’t know if this post will be of any use by SP community. It’s not meant for people with personality disorders, poor relationships or traumas from youth. Its kind of thing I would write to myself 10 years into the past or as my parent. It will mostly help for first episode people. Hope it helps for any of you or people you know. I know there are many kinds of depression and different people may have different ways to overcome it, take it as an inspiration.

  1. There are people who will never develop true depression, no matter what they do. However there are

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Any advice? Please?

June 29th, 2016by wanttodie2

I live with my parents just because I lost my job. I was so depressed that I couldn’t work anymore.
But now the bigger problem is that my parents don’t let me alone. They don’t respect my privacy. They talk about my “problem” with my friends and relatives. I feel so invaded.

I know that the only solution is leave my parents’s house, but I’m affraid don’t find a job and have to go back to here. I need some encouragement. I can’t fail.

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want to talk? Again?..

June 29th, 2016by darkwillow

I feel so alone.. or devinx7 is my kik..


I post this a lot.. A tonnn… And I’m so sorry.. And people sometimes email me and then i don’t really get back to them.. I’m so sorry for that.. I don’t mean to ignore you.. Sometimes it’s just hard to talk.. I’d like to talk now though, if anyone would like to..

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I just can’t

June 28th, 2016by plsletmego

I’m so exhausted.

I feel so trapped.

I don’t know who I am or what makes me happy anymore.

I just feel so worthless.

And it’s so unfair when you don’t kill yourself because you don’t wanna disappoint and hurt other people. But these people are the ones who make you feel the worst and don’t truly care about you.

Pls, I just wanna go and die peacefully.

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June 28th, 2016by reader11

Am I always going to be this sad?

I hate it. And I don’t get it. I used to be able to control my emotions more, now I only feel empty.

What is life when there is no looking forward to your future?

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No light just darkness

June 28th, 2016by dramaqueen90

i just want to die.

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An inexcusable failure to communicate

June 28th, 2016by Konig Laconic

Hi guys, my name is Konig Laconic, and I used to use this site about a year or two ago when I was about 18… I’ve come back now, and shouldn’t be be surprised to see that a few people I was hoping to see here are gone now. Anyone on here right now that remembers clevername? That guy was cool, and an intellectual wizard, and I was hoping to open up a dialect or two with him, but he’s gone now, and that’s either because he quit the site or because he offed himself…

Anyway, I suppose I could …

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Phone a Friend…

June 28th, 2016by vtgirl914

All my life my parents had been every strict on me and always compared me to my sister who is the typical #1 child. She studied all the time didn’t really have friends to distract her from school so she got in to just about every college she applied to including Duke, University of Hong Kong, and the UGA Honors College, etc. However, I’m quite the opposite, I love to hang out with my best friend and have fun and be the typical teenager that loves life and doesn’t care about school (even though I know I’m smart). So long story short all of the …

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baseline blood test is over

June 28th, 2016by JiminyCrispies

After an intense half hour of crying in the waiting room, and then several minutes of coaxing by my doctor for me to straighten my arm, I had my blood test.

I ended up having to give three tubes which I’m guessing is because of the amount of things I need to be testing for. Despite my doctor being one to joke around and playfully take the piss out of you, he was genuinely nice to me the entire time and talked to me through it.

After him saying all he wants is for me to get well, I’m slightly more convinced that the pills won’t be …

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Please tell me your opinion about this short story that I’ve wrote some time ago. It will be much appreciated.

June 28th, 2016by Martin1987

Just a random story I wrote during one of my many sleepless nights. So here it goes:


The day began just like any other day before it, but the events that were going to happen during that day would have made it a very unusual one. I got out and went to the riverside to take a walk as I often do. I like that place because it is a desolated one. There isn’t a living soul in a 1 mile radius. I like being alone because most of the people in my life treated me like shit, so i do my best at avoiding everyone. …

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Why can’t i smile?

June 28th, 2016by gkks



I guess most of you know these quotes from the batman movie. Movies are usually fiction and practically full of hollywood exaggeration. These lines though are really telling me something. Why am i like that? Why do i look so serious or sad? Why can’t i put a smile on my face or someone else do it for me?
Honestly id like to live in ignorance and absolutely ignore what the future will bring me. But i can’t. It’s not me. I am too emotional as …

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Fuck it

June 28th, 2016by Hazy Day Sunflower

Well I’ve been overworking the shit out of this all day. It is pointless, I just don’t have it today. So I scrapped it and went abstract. I don’t have the vision nor do I have the forsight to make this something spectacular. Here you go SP:
Hazy and a chance of let the fuck go.
abstract flower
Much like this this painting, I’m over worked. Seriously doubt myself today or the point of walking forward.

Act in haste, regret at leisure. Life’s lesson is that sometimes the race was finished and I forgot …

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Empty, just empty

June 28th, 2016by lastattempt

Hi all,

I posted here a little while ago and now I am still here, although I should not be.

It is all falling apart. Everything. In a matter of 6 months I have realized what a fool and what a loser I am. I could have had it all and now I am bound to lose it all. In a matter of 6 months I have completely destroyed my life by being stupid and impulsive. I cannot believe this.

I was completely unprepared for dealing with the monster that I had created over the past couple of years and when it hit me I panicked and made …

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I keep reminding myself

June 28th, 2016by outinthedark

Every time something good happens, I remember what the ending of this year could be. I remember that on December 31st, 2016, I might no longer be in this world. I don’t think I’ll make it through the year. Too much shit goes on in my life for it to ever continuously be better. I hope I at least find love before I go.

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Why does advice on helping depression make me more depressed?

June 28th, 2016by ZombieGirl

For example, when you look up online ‘how to depress’ (or something) and you find lots of websites snd articles on advice or even discussions on how to feel better, talk to others, or they have facts and such, and it just makes me more depressed, reading obvious reasons why im depressed and obvious things i should do to feel better. I dont know why, am i the only one? It feelslike not a single thing can relieve depression, just hide it

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I tried to stick around, no matter what I do, it’s not the right thing

June 28th, 2016by Jax910

I’m tired, I will keep this short…I have tried to get through this, no matter what I do, it is getting more and more difficult! Friday, my gf tells me she doesn’t know if she’s in love with me – my perception of her behaviors for the last 2 months and then hearing that, she’s done with me. I’ve already alienated my family back home, their mouths cause me that much more heartache. My girlfriend, gave me all of my driver, my ambition, my desire to succeed and it’s all gone now. I am starting to feel the courage that I need to just get …

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