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Random thoughts

March 30th, 2015by Streamers

It eats away at you. It leaves you an empty shell. A hollow pit of emptiness.

All you want to do is feel again. Anything just feel. Escape the numbness.

You start something, but motivation leaves just as soon as it comes. And then you’re back where you started.

You make a promise, to not let it win, but your fingers are crossed behind your back.

And at night, when you’re all alone, it wins.

You lose.

I lose.

I lost.


Suicide Survivors

March 30th, 2015by Vertrag

So I’m just wondering if anyone on here shares my opinion on the following:

Does anyone else feel like once they attempt suicide with the intent to die, and survive by some freak occurrence, there is no going back? By this I mean, if you tried to kill yourself with no hope of anyone saving you, with the true desire that you were about to take your last breathe, you leapt off a ledge that you could not come back from.

Does anyone else feel that even though things have been getting better, or have a good chance of getting better, they can’t give up the feeling …


Searching… [Error] (Happiness not found)

March 30th, 2015by AJokeOfFate

It’s funny.

I claim to have no friends, no one that i trust, yet i am constantly on this search to find someone i can trust thoroughly, someone i can share every stupid idea or deepest secret with.

Yet i know that such a thing is unlikely. Why, you may ask (or probably not since pretty much no one is going to read this)? Because though I’m the type of person that likes to be left alone, i also desire to be seen as special, unique, etc. I want to revel in others’ awe of me (does that make sense?).

I want to fall in …


I thought tears before God was real

March 30th, 2015by StupidGurl

People I talk to have said tears before God are prayers that God hears and reaches his heart. If that is true then he feels nothing for me. I’m so sick of being a good Christian girl who is forgotten by God. Seems if when he was making all his children I was just the remaining dust on the floor that he swept and threw away.

They said that when I got sober things would get better , that as long as I did the next right thing God will help me. He won’t though. They say that I’m selfish by thinking of suicide and that …


Wanted: New family

March 30th, 2015by neverbeenhappy

I’m just a typical girl who wants to be loved by a family because I never have a chance to feel that on my own family. I’ve tried too much times to killed myself but still I’m alive. Still not happy and still nobody cares about my existance. You don’t need to have a broken family to feel like incomplete your whole life I, myself was as example of it. I might have both parents but they don’t care for me a little bit. I need to work on my own to have the things that I needed. How I wished to have some parents


Drip Drip Drip

March 30th, 2015by Matt

i hate this

i hate not being able to do it

i hate feeling my limbs shake and spasm and still having enough strength to stand

i like the release of blacking out but i hate not being able to breathe

last push coming soon

ready for this

hoping when i pull the plug i’ll just swirl away down the drain


i recently started cutting. idk what else to do.


i need to know

March 30th, 2015by me1987

I need to know if I should. I mean I know that everyone I know would be better off, logically this makes sense. I also know that just by asking I have my answer, but that’s not enough. I am, and have done, what most people would consider unforgiveable. I am not religious. I do believe in reincarnation and genuinly thinkin make a better go if it next time round. I think my eife, friends and family deserve to be able to live their lives without the hassle or having me in them. I especially believe my wife could find true happiness if I wasn’t …


words endlessly hurting me

March 30th, 2015by Hjerteblomst

‘he wanted us to change his number and delete you from his phone…’

i wish i could stop being a crybaby over this. I wish i never read those words


Writing Helps

March 30th, 2015by youtee

I lost my 13 year old son Peyton in October of 2014.  Several people suggested that I use journaling as a way to help deal with my grief.  I wrote a story for the paper at the school where I teach, and because of the positive feedback I received, I wanted to share it.  I started my blog to try and reach more people with Peyton’s story, and to help others.



March 30th, 2015by Costy

Hello. My name is Bobonete Costinel-Catalin and I am a 19 years old romanian boy.I’ve been a christian for my whole damn life, but now I realised that god dosen’t exist and everything is random.We are just a product of evolution. I’m fighting with depression and anxiety since 18 years old. The anixiety got worse now because of the acknowledgement of non divine existence. I was kind and stuff for god, and hoped so much…but he isn’t there.

I am extremly anxious..I can’t sleep and can’t eat..beeing intelligent sucks..overthinking and stuff. There is no point in this existence. I am so closed and isolated because of …


this song

March 30th, 2015by jenbrown

theres this song i heard from an indian movie called ‘IN DINO’ meaning these days my god the lyrics and music brought tears to my eyes after i translated the lyrics i recomend you guys listen to the track some lyrcs go as ‘ TU SAPNE SAJAA tU JEE LE ZARA’ meaning ‘make dreams and try live life even though its tough’


a prayer

March 30th, 2015by macd123

Get me past blood
Past walls
Past meds
Past the next step
Let me go blind
To the crippled
To that hospital image
To the dark colors
To how I got here
Let me go deaf
To the loud ringing
To the insecure patient
To the crying little boy
To the prosecutor
Let me not feel
The needles in my arm
Your razor blade tongue
The gnawing on my bones
I don’t believe that dead people speak
Nor that prophets walk on water
That just leaves me with
All those years of scrambled nonsense
And broken Angels


Done with it

March 30th, 2015by fairyacid_

So done with you. Instead of just filing a customer complaint you decide to hound me down with personal insults? At least I won’t have to deal with this when I’m dead. Which is soon if all goes to plan and I can thank the school who gave me this ptsd for starting it, and you for finishing it.


Fuck this.  Fuck you. Cunt.


Done with this chat…

March 30th, 2015by killswitchon

I Know Everything...

I Know Everything…

So many fuckin’ hypocrites and back talkers. So many rumors and people spreading their own manipulative agendas. Talking shit about me behind my back because you’re fuckin’ jealous. What the actual fuck!? FUCK THIS ROOM. As if I don’t have enough of my own bullshit going on right now. I don’t need anything extra on my plate. Last night my ex girlfriend told me that it was never about me. That she was still madly in love with her ex boyfriends. Yet still really deeply loved me. I’m like …

I like telling stories

March 30th, 2015by Skeleton100

Let me tell you a story.

In the little town of Chaonite there are little minions called Chaonites. There is a group of Chaonites called Chrischaonites and they claim to know the one and only truth. They say that machaonites can only fuck fechaonites, and fechaonites can only fuck machaonites. Everything goes according to plan until one day, a fechaonite desides she wants to fuck another lovely little fechaonite. The Chrischaonites don’t like this, not one bit. They tie up this strange evil fechaonite and process her in their holy slaughterhouse, where the blood is drained out of her pretty body and mixed with sugar and put …



March 30th, 2015by hard2smile

i just wanna bawl my eyes out. No one will ever love me. How many anyone love me when i dont even love myself? This world is filled with so much pain, and sadness. It’s like you try to make things better but theres always some asshole bringing you down. I hope to live in a world where we all loved and care for each other. Not this counterfeit planet. There are just some days where i wanna do it, end it all. But i dont know what to do. I wanna die painlessly, so at least at my last breath i dont feel so …


up all night

March 30th, 2015by 89hash

Been up all night after my older brother called my younger brother and threatened to kill him. Locked the doors so when he couldnt get in. He shut off the circuit breaker and tried kicking in the back door and left when i cocked my gun. Police are out looking for him while ive burned thru a carton of cigs by myself sitting in my backyard with my rifle. Welcome to the crazy house.


One Day

March 30th, 2015by Jein

You will wake up feeling good, maybe not today, or tomorrow or anytime soon. But one day.


March 30th, 2015by Cardboard Robot

I feel so alone. I’m having a relapse, and yesterday I found out that my father fainted during work. I’m so worried. I cried all day yesterday. My parents are everything to me, and they are getting old, and… I just can’t deal with anything right now. I can’t stand the thought of them being ill.

I feel profoundly alone. I feel abandoned.