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November 28th, 2014by LilLover2021

I try to sleep but i never can… All I ever do is sit up thinking constantly. I use to smoke bowls and do drugs to help but I’m trying to stay clean. I need to actually. But without drugs all i think about is hurting myself. When it will be my last day how it will all end. Does anyone know anyway to help with this shit? I mean I’m on meds but they don’t work at all. Someone anyone ideas please… I’m tired of wanting drugs and to hurt myself but I have nothing else.


Modern Life

November 28th, 2014by muspelhem

Modern life is harsh
Modern life is brutal
People have a bash
We used to be frugal

Sharp flourescent lighting
carving up my mind
Faster, faster, faster
Left our hearts behind

Music must be loud
People must be raucous
Emotions not allowed
We are mutual stalkers

No wonder so many people choose to get off
After all, human beings are soft

Scandinavian architecture
White and cold and clean
Inside people work
Outside beggars dream

Did you know that they specifically design benches to prevent loitering?
How can that even be a thing?

We measure each other in money
What a great idea
Human beings are funny
The apocalypse draws near



November 28th, 2014by WaitAndBleed

It’s been so long since I slept. I can’t focus and I keep leaving work early because I can’t stay awake. Get home and i can’t stop my mind to sleep. It’s whirring constantly like white noise. I can’t even deal with my thoughts separately, to make progress. I’ve finally found a decent therapist (after years of shitty ones) but I’m still scared it won’t get better. I get attached to people easily and get so easily offended. I need to be stronger but I can’t be here much longer it’s so exhausting just waking up :/ I keep thinking of ways to end it …


my rose of sharyn

November 28th, 2014by killswitchon

miss you darling <3
my tropical blue flower <3
my everything <3
my audrey <3


November 28th, 2014by Moggie

Sighing out….


I am…

November 28th, 2014by xanadu

I am the awkward lull in a weird conversation….

I am the unknown drifter who passes through town without a word….

I am the nut that the squirrels cannot find….

I am the ineffable silence that may yet be effed…

I am strange quiet guy!

Er, I have this recurring realization that I’m a perpetual outsider, even among other outsiders. I’m like a squeaky wheel bearing on a sled as it rolls down a snowy hill. Or the squirrely wings on a station wagon. Or that weird cat guy who dun lives over yonder hill and don’t never talk to no bodies that don’t got whiskers, if ye follow …


do i really need to wait 60+ years to die…

November 28th, 2014by Hjerteblomst

I cant handle 60 years of not existing. This isn’t a life.
hopefully i will be dead by then anyway
meeting a guy online isn’t the solution. This isn’t Cinderella. For all i know, he could be a rapist or murderer, if i met a guy.
i want to be dead. I am so sick of saying that. I just wish i was dead already so i didn’t have to say it anymore


hello :)

November 28th, 2014by depressed_chick101

well update is I am taken by an amazing girl .I know I said I miss Stacie and we did get back together but broke up on Tuesday. well now I got a new girl who I adore . she is amazing funny thing is tht my new girl is my best friend … weird right .. but she is amazn and so adorable she is really cute when she gets hyper . ive slipped up and cut a couple times but im fine now b/c of her.


my saviour

November 28th, 2014by onlyoption

religious nuts. thats what i said to him when i saw some preechers on the streets. im 17. i used to be mildly religious, i used to pray and be conscious of my sins, then at 13 my innocents was robbed ironicaly my cross pendant that i wore permenantly broke in the process, i kept the truth to myself but it slowly ate away at me, destroying any faith i had, leading me down a dark hole of depression. then i met sam again, after 3 years of just saying hey down the corridoor. he caught site of my scars and fresh cuts, he opened …


Lyric And My Word To TheTreeOfMyLife

November 28th, 2014by KalaaleqBird

Music & Lyrics By: ?


We Know Full Well There’s Just Time

So Is It Wrong To Toss This Line?

If Your Heart Was Full Of Love

Could You Give It Up?


‘Cause what about, what about Angels?

They  will come, they will go, make us special


Don’t give me up

Don’t give…

Me up


How unfair, it’s just our love

Found something real that’s out pf touch

but if you’d searched the whole wide world

would you dare to let it go?

‘Cause what about, what about Angels?

They  will come, they will go, make us special

Don’t give me up
Don’t give…
Me up

‘Cause what about, what about angels?
They will come, they will go, make us special

It’s not about not about …


GodZilla & Alien

November 28th, 2014by TheTreeOfMyLife

Drawing Just Like That, Bring Back Memories, is reminds me that i was crying to get better at drawing,i laughted, :)

Drawing Just Like That, Bring Back Memories, is reminds me that i was crying to get better at drawing,i laughted, :)


Happysad Music

November 28th, 2014by xanadu

…or some such thing.


Unrequited Love

November 28th, 2014by Pointedancer101

Before him I had never had a relationship. I had never been consensually kissed but I had been sexually harassed twice (not rape, but kissing and hands where I didn’t want them). I met this guy at the beginning of senior year. You may even know him. I liked him right away. Had a crush right away. He had a gf at the time. And it hurt but I kept getting to know him. So time passed. His gf broke up with him. And he was devastated. He literally came to school hungover because he’d go home and drink. It broke my …


help me, please.

November 28th, 2014by L0STgirl

I need to stop listening to depressing music. Does anyone know good songs that just make you happy or smile? Let me know!


“Get your shit together”

November 28th, 2014by Jw224

My dad messaged me telling me to “get my shit together” What does that even mean? He says I’m not getting depressed again and that I’m “too young for this shit” But all I want is for my mum and dad to leave me alone..


lifeee is hard!!!!

November 28th, 2014by gabreialla

sometimes you feel alone and lonely even you have a family and friends .you feel you are hurting but nobody feels your pain or try to help you . and sometimes your hard times and your pain comes from these close persons in your life. I know if you tried to suicide you don’t want to die you just want to end up your pain and tell people you need help in an indirect way. I feel I want to shout and scram and tell people how I feel. I don’t know why people change quickly in this time I’m not talking only about …


My Life

November 28th, 2014by TheTreeOfMyLife

I am really nothing…

hi my name is **** *****. i am 1?-years old… hehe i don’t know how to start telling my life, but I’m not really good at English… I writing this because I think it will make me feel better… umm… I grew up in small city. When I was 3-8 years old, I have painful days and happy days of course. my parents were drunk, fighting, every Friday, Saturday, it was never changed 5-years, always drinking, fighting. me and my big brother and my lil sister, crying in room, our word never changed our parents, we always tell them to stop …


giving thanks

November 28th, 2014by L0STgirl

I want to just let everyone on SP know that I’m so thankful for you all! We’re all on the same boat and it’s nice to not feel so alone sometimes. I don’t feel crazy here, love ya’ll. xoxo


Long time no see.. (or post)

November 28th, 2014by marchingkitty

Well this is kinda weird being back here after 2 years.. I can say that things do get better if you just wait it out but thats not really the reason ive returned (if ya catch my drift). Things DO get better with time but things can also get so much worse, hence why im back. For me, well, things were great.. then everything went to shit all at the same time. How much worse, you ask? Well:

  1.  I’m a female-to-male transgendered senior in high school
  2. I get bullied in school because i decided to come out to people i supposedly “trust”
  3. My mom is moving 400 miles


nekked thurnksgurving is over

November 28th, 2014by killswitchon

nekked thanksgiving
heres me nekked (under some clothes)