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Am i crazy?

November 22nd, 2014by ArielCamille

That’s what ones close to me say. If they don’t say it i know that they think so. Everyone has a different definition of the word. Crazy is a word you use when you don’t understand something….In my opinion. I already know that they can’t or will never understand. No one understands. No one around here anyways. People are too quick to judge. I want them to spend a day in my shoes… see how long it would take for them to crack. I’ve held on this meaningless shit since i was 16. But hey, they say it’s just life, and it is.


No More Tricks Under My Sleeves

November 22nd, 2014by failedtrinity

How can one go on with life that promises no hope. How can one break a smile with no source of joy. Its always a failed battle. What else can be a reason to hang on?I have not one reason left. I have no love left for myself. I am angry for being the complete definition of worthless. I desire nothing else in life but death. True happiness is leaving and not living in a life that doesn’t consider you a significant piece of the whole puzzle. The only cure to this lifelong suffering is death. And thus…one of these days I’llkiss this foresaken world …



November 22nd, 2014by youwillneverknowme

are any of you currently reading a book?
as of now i’ve started reading bright lights, big city, and it’s pretty good. i like how the author wrote the book in second person, so it says “you” instead of “i” or “he” and how the protagonist has no name, it basically seems as if you’re the protagonist. i’m only on page twenty (literally just started it yesterday) so didn’t really dive into it yet, but i can tell it’s going go be good.


My prayers at Night

November 22nd, 2014by disappearingme97

Our Father in Heaven, blessed be Your Name. We thank you for the grace You’ve given us, for blessings everyday that we’re alive. We’re grateful for Your guidance and the plans You’ve planned for us. Your plans are perfect and you have shaped us to be this way.

As as much as I appreciate Your Love, my Father, I am afraid I am not worth much. Forgive me for my sins. This servant of yours is not holy and is not worth Your Presence. But again, it’s by Your divine love that You’ve picked us up again and again, never leaving our side. Thank you for …


What did I do to deserve this?

November 22nd, 2014by Cjohnson33

I was happy with everything in my life until 6th grade, when I found out I was gay. I haven’t told anyone I am yet, but how can I? My mom, one of the people I trust the most said on election day “I’m not voting to allow gay marriage, it’s just wrong and unholy.”. Until then I thought I could tell her anything and she would still love me. Now I have suicidal thoughts, cut myself and cry almost daily and still nobody has a clue that they are torturing me. I’m 15 now and I still don’t know what to do. I’ve always tried to …


I’ve Cried for the Last Time.

I tell myself everyday when i wake up that things will get better. I was told that this is therapeutic… can they be anymore wrong? I cry everyday until my face becomes numb. Constantly being told that i should suck it up and also telling myself that i don’t need any professional help. They say […]


Best way to block it all out

November 22nd, 2014by thehusk

I’m looking for a short term coping mechanism that allows me to remain functional and that won’t lead to a downward spiral that damages my family – something I can keep hidden, and that won’t ruin my health and make things harder long term.

I don’t fancy cutting – I don’t like scars, or the sight of my own blood.

I’ve never found alcohol particularly effective, and the lives of alcoholics seem to unravel frequently.

Likewise, other recreational drugs seem to lead to a downward spiral. I don’t wan’t to end up on the street, or forcing my family to intervene, or getting a criminal record.

I haven’t really …


Maybe in 3 weeks from now I’ll be dead

November 22nd, 2014by LittleBead

This clear idea has come from the worsening of my derealisation. Today I had, let’s call it this way, total disconnection from reality. Literally, my brain connection with senses like sight was off when I had my eyes open. It was really scaring, I saw darkness and was aware of my situation but couldn’t even move with little finger.
To see nothing.
And to be conscious at the same moment.
I’ve decided to have a week of thinking before proceeding the idea of committing suicide. I won’t say attempt, because I want it to be 100% successful. I’ve already chosen the method, I’m going to …


no place is completely safe

November 22nd, 2014by soonerthecosmos

I guess I’m writing this more for myself than anybody else…it just breaks my heart sometimes knowing that the one place you thought where you will be understood and not judged can also be infiltrated by people who cannot do the former and do the latter. I mean this place, our SP community, is a place to share our stories not just about having done it, attempted it and survived it but also having contemplated and/or contemplating it. Contemplating it meaning thinking about it…wondering why do we feel the need to end it? What is going on in our lives? Why must we hold on …


I have to kick the bad habit of overestimating myself

November 22nd, 2014by neverland

God loves a fool. That is the reason I am still here. It is not because I have strong survival skills. My parents was proud of having a strong baby girl overcoming autism.

Unfortunately, I am not. I think it is a mistake they made for having me. Somehow I think I am burden to them as well as to this world. I guess if it weren’t for me, the autistic kid, my sister and brother could have turned out well . I grew with the world centering around me . I spent my entire childhood visiting psychiatrist, trying all kinds of things …


Cant Get It Right

November 22nd, 2014by JevansEvans

I cant get anything right. I’m on my 4th attempt, every other attempt would have worked for anyome else but it seems like the world just wants me to suffer.

I wrapped my car around a tree at 120mph, climbed out of the roof and walked away not a scratch on me.

I highsided my motorbike in excess of 130mph, and just rolled into a ditch, not a scratch on me.

I locked myself in a tiny bathroom, sealed all the vents, with 4kg of smouldering charcoal, and I woke up with nothing but a headache.

I have 2.6g of Sertraline, 24g of Paracetomol, and 8g of Ibuprofen. I …


Has anyone checked out mydeathspace

November 22nd, 2014by W0und3d

look at the suicide sections.. it made me feel a bit numb and some of the stories are shocking.. the one that touched me the most was of this one couple  Derrick and Amy Ross made me teary…


I Hate Fake Friends

November 22nd, 2014by Tara

So once again I am taken advantage of and treated like shit for it. I try to be a good person and this is what I get. So I was friends with four girls, their initials are S,M,ME, and E, because i don’t want to use their real names. I was friends with them for almost a year and I noticed that even at lunch, M stopped talking to me. And a few days later, E told me M said “I need to talk to you about Tara, I am so done with her she …


I miss deathdreamer

November 22nd, 2014by killswitchon

She just dropped off the face of the earth… I suppose she either is having a seriously rough time with her “health concerns” or she extracted herself from this unhealthy lifestyle of dwelling on pain with dysfunctional people surrounding her…either way it sucks and she was a great friend… COME BACK!!



November 22nd, 2014by 1940sGerman

Does anyone have experience with peacefulexit? Are they legit?




Suicide note

November 22nd, 2014by secretz180

It wasnt always like this…. Growing up I thought I had the world, I had parents that loved me and loved each other… I had friends that no matter what where always their for me. Growing up I was always shy, and had low self esteem. But it didn’t get to me until I was 15. My mom cheated on my dad, she now has a new boyfriend who is mean. I lost all my friends, I pushed them away. I became depressed, suicidal, cutting myself, getting high, drinking, I wanted to die. I hated myself. I planned to do it multiple times, but every …


A new beginning

November 22nd, 2014by secretz180


Last year on December 9th I lost my virginty, to a guy I thought really liked me. We where talking over the summer and he was always busy. After many tries we finally saw each other. The place where we going to go was closed so he said lets just go to the park. He asked if I had any smokes, I told him no. So we went across the street and he made me pay for the cigs. As we got to the park it started to rain. I was very nervous no other guy …


Picture Q!

November 22nd, 2014by KFeeney

how the heck does one change their profile picture? I’ve seen people with pics but can’t seem to figure it out!


i keep saying it…

November 22nd, 2014by Hjerteblomst

‘soon ill be dead, soon ill be happy…’
but i never do it.
but yeah i would love to be dead, but like i have said… No off button
if i had lots of money to travel that would be better. But death… Hmmm…
no more anything. So yeah i wont be happy in death either. No more of this stupid world



November 22nd, 2014by deathisanoption

I was doing a little Google searching about suicide, was led to this website, and read a few things here. I thought I’d add my two cents, then go on reading a bit more. It’s become a pretty interesting topic to me.

I myself haven’t tried suicide before, nor have had anyone close to me seriously try it . But I have always struggled with depression, and it has been a reoccurring tempting idea, more so sometimes than others. It’s just been a bit difficult with finding a way around the pain, survival instincts, morality, indecisiveness, unknown, and trying not to inconvenience people I care for too horribly …