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August 27th, 2014by AMaskOfLies

I just.. I feel so empty. Yeah, normally its easy to laugh it off and hide behind a mask, act normal, human even. But right now, when I’m sitting at home and in bed, all of my walls come down. I feel so weak and hopeless- and of course my parents choose this very moment to tell me how worthless I am and how I’ll never amount to anything and how I should have been more like my brother. The worst part? I agree with them.
I’m not anything special; I don’t have any outstanding talents- and trust me on this. I can read people …



August 27th, 2014by sunflower

The feeling when youre holding a razor in your hand, tears pouring down your face and youre just staring at it… so close to relief, so close to that feeling you used to rely on. My arms are starting to tingle again burn and ache wanting to feel the slice of the blade and see the blood first pool then trickle down my arm. but he texted me… as if he felt the need to contact me. maybe it was a coincidence. maybe ill still cut tonight. god i really wantto cut but if he were here with me i would settle for his sweet …


“Stabby” Mike

August 27th, 2014by snuffles

I know enough about the body to know where the best place to stab, in this case, slice, yourself (the jugular of course), but I just can’t work up the courage to do it. It would only take about a minute to lose consciousness, and around four more to die. I’ve been stabbed before, it fucking hurts, but the main reason I don’t want to do it, is because it’s a very messy method. I would not want that to be the last way my mom saw me, or for that matter anyone else.


I’m an Ugly Duckling

August 27th, 2014by TwistedSpace

I guess I was destined to be this ugly. In my last post, I mentioned wanting to punch my mirror into a bunch of tiny pieces. Part of that has to do with how unbearably ugly I feel. In my opinion, I look like a monkey. My ex called me a trap, which is a term for Tran people who look completely believable as their desired gender. I don’t know. Others say I look cute, gorgeous, like a model, even. I just don’t see it. What do you think?



not sure what happened

August 27th, 2014by defeatedcreek1

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years now.  I usually never thought of my current situation as being that depressing though.  I’m on active duty and my duty station of the last 2.5 years has been the worst, but in the last year I felt like I made the most of it.

Yet, earlier this week, I realized that I do not value life.  I don’t value mine.  I don’t necessarily de-value the lives of others (I’m NOT homicidal) but the idea of losing people no longer fazes me.  I’m really numb to grieving at this point.

My life is not upwardly mobile.  I …



August 27th, 2014by mental-anguish

I often wonder how we can be so alone in this overpopulated world??? Such a sad existence once you survive the unsurvivable! Everyone/everything you once knew continues on like you were never there. We are so insignificant alone!!! 1 more day closer to the end, so curious to see what happens yet so reluctant. Goodnight world!!!


My glass can’t get any more empty

August 27th, 2014by empty glass

I am 56, soon 57 in a few weeks. I am lonely. I have a 25 year old son, who hardly ever comes to visit me. A woman lived with me for many years. She was my girlfriend. I found out that she cheated on me twice. That day I found out, she came home, but I told her that I wouldn’t give her any more chances, and to pack up her things and remove them from my house and leave, because I did not want to be cheated on anymore. It hurt me to do this to her, but it hurt even more being …


Opportunity!!! Celebrate our (gentle) Shep(hard)

August 27th, 2014by dragonfly_whisper

I one month, our Shep is of legal age – us-wise – to do as HE desires.

How will you ring in the traditional call to maturity, Shep?

No, you may not depart before then.



Everything && Anything

August 27th, 2014by Kailee3

I’ve started counceling the other week, and the second session she asked me why i cannot keep eye contact with anyone.. I didn’t explain to her why .. once somebody told me it kills them to look into my eyes because all they see is pain.. She also began to tell me i have created a well put together mask and she cannot figure it out. I don’t believe i need to go to counceling, I have nothing to talk to her about. Am i suppose to sit there and tell her how constantly i plan out my suicide, how perfectly it is put …


life’s choice s affect everyone u know

August 27th, 2014by bryan higgins

Some time life’s great tell you realized your quest in life Is Worth it but only to you .in the end do people really care about u .or were u just part of a lust full delusion of an illusion. I’m happy in life and have no real issues to speak of ..but I feel like seeing what’s in my next life .


I need a teacher..

August 27th, 2014by dragonfly_whisper

Here goes…

I am a published writer, but I can’t find my own previous posts on SP.

I want to ask Shep how

I find his reply to the posts I made yesterday…

I am curious about how one searches for C4s latest barfly post.

5 years of SP, multiple college degrees, and I can’t navigate this site.

What a bother.


By the by: LonelyPlatypus: If you are here, would you please guide me?


Empty Within

August 27th, 2014by Scarlett Dawn

I feel empty inside
There’s a void I cannot fill
I drink the emptiness away
I smoke the emptiness away
I roll to take the emptiness away

Though these temporary solutions
Hold no effect once I be sober
I miss the touch of a gentle human hand
I miss the warmth of another’s embrace
I miss the smile that follows the sweet words spoken
I miss being loved by another

I curl up and hold myself tight at night
My pillow squished in my comforting embrace
I close my eyes and dream of a paradise
One where a man adores me for me
Holds me and tells me he loves me
One that would …


stay a virgin

August 27th, 2014by Hjerteblomst

Too hairy to have sex or be naked infront of someone. I have known that for years. I know my body will get laughed at and teased, even if i cant hear or see it. I was bullied for being hairy, and a girl made me undress to show the other girls how hairy i am. I am cursed

i have hairy legs too. I dont really care that im hairy, but i know others will and laugh at me and tease me. Nobody likes hairy… Yes i know i could shave my legs but why…i wear long jeans or pants nearly all the time…


Some Deep Title That Begins To Make Sense Halfway Through The Story

August 27th, 2014by snuffles

Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to dealing. I don’t know how to live life within the confinement of “acceptable” of today’s society. I don’t know how to live an honest life. I’ve tried, and so far it hasn’t worked out well. I put applications out their daily, but nobody wants to hire a mentally unstable teenager who’s been to juvy and couldn’t hold down a minimum wage job that pretty much only hires stupid kids. Everyone expects me to be just another random thug, so why not just be another random thug. Not like i’d be lowering anyone’s expectations. Besides I have …


Searching for a new friend

August 27th, 2014by pasdespoir

So I ended up here because I thought I might meet people who think and feel like me.

Every single post makes me feel as if it was mine. But the thing is that here or in real life I’m not able to confront my fears of being rejected and meet new people.

So I thought maybe if I stated my centers of interests I might meet someone who share them.

1. I’m a BIG HUGE fan of Ken Follett.

2. I’m a pianist and I love music above everything else (not only classical but also rock and alternative, my favourite band being Coldplay)

3. I love reading and building …



August 27th, 2014by RoseDavidson

I don´t know how I ended up like this.

I feel like I don´t have anyone. Anyone I can hug or touch, just to feel the warmness of the body of someone else. Everybody leaves me. I can´t sleep at nights. I lay in my bed and listen how drops of rain are colliding with my window, thinking about all the people that left me behind continuing in their way and I stayed, like glued to the ground with no chance to move on. Someone would say I finally get used to people leaving me. But everytime it´s getting worse and worse. And I, like an …


The emptiness and numbness

August 27th, 2014by alina_01

It comes back and just consumes me and even when I try to feel I can’t. I feel empty and I’m alone I should feel sad but instead I feel nothing. Ugh it is the most annoying thing ever! I watched a movie recently, one of those rare weird movies that people typically don’t tend to watch. And I made such a connection I felt understood like I could understand, of course on certain levels because not each person and situation is the same. But I shared a similar pain and it sucks and im so numb this very second that I don’t care enough …


i hate myself

August 27th, 2014by insecure-wreck

My Body is hurting like crazy I hope my pain has a limit because I’m so tired of it all damn muscles spasms n it’s too much pain I have pills but I choose not to take them my spine n back feel like the springs on a slinky going forward I have a few friends I like to chat with n to maybe help me to get better in a way by making me laugh n at times I just don’t know whether I want to just throw in the towel n say I’m done with life it seems I’ve been waiting …


another day failed

August 27th, 2014by kateralia

Yet another day has passed & I have failed. Or is it life has failed me?

What is the point in trying if all you do is fail.

I’ll never have another partner,  I’ll never have a family.  I’ll never afford another car,  I’ll never travel again. I’m stuck in this one place, in this glass box that I can see out of but noone can see me. I’ll wither away in this empty box, never having what my soul yearns for most.


The sadness will never end

August 27th, 2014by Grimmjow

To begin i must be honest and say i had no intention of sharing this with someone else but it keeps eating me inside.I was always a shy kid and i didn’t have many friends.I am always getting bullied at school i even tried talking to someone about this but nothing changes the other kids that bully me got angrier.It was the day that they locked me our school’s closet bleeding with a broken nose that i realise that i must have done something wrong.I keep trying to fight this but the sadness and the frustration of nobody loving you and nobody hearing no matter