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February 26th, 2015by noairtobreathe

I think I’m going to kill myself soon. I’m not sure when, but I’ve started to formulate a plan. So many times before, when I’ve thought of ending it, the people I loved and cared for held me back. I don’t have that anymore. It just hurts knowing I don’t deserve anything. I don’t deserve to get an education, to travel, to own nice things, or have other people love me unconditionally. My entire time on this planet has just been reinforcing this idea the entire time. I’m tired. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up.


Those nights

February 26th, 2015by BrokenAngel8

Don’t you just love those nights people trying to pull you down making you feel stupid for saying it in the first place. When you already got fucking enough on ur mind as it is. I am about to lose it……


She betrayed me

February 26th, 2015by Lovebug4142

So today my cousin told me that my mentor told her dad ALL the things I told her, IN CONFIDENCE. So that includes me taking pain pills, me cutting myself, me being molested when I was little. All the stuff that’s going on in my home life. She had no right! I am so sad/angry/upset, I don’t know what to feel right now. I told her I had trust issues because other teachers/mentors have betrayed me in the past, and she told me it was between me and her. And then she does this! And what makes it worse was I saw her today and …


Suicide is a choice?


britney, if i could tell you some wounds never heal

February 26th, 2015by 89hash

Ive been hurt alot of times in my life, from seeing my grandmother rotting away from cancer to seeing my mom being raped in front of me as an inncoent child, losing my closest friends to suicide and stupid gang bullshit…but nothing compares to whats happened between us. I tried to rationalize my opinion of our relationship by telling myself we just weren’t meant too last, that eventually we’d go our seperate ways. Ive watched both of our insatifications grow as both of us talked to other people but we always ended up trying to subtly recindle our relationship. We always talked to each …


Depression is everywhere


I found my perfect girl. She didn’t. 

February 26th, 2015by ppcforpaperclip

We are on different sides on the globe. She agreed to let me fly to her place for a few days. After that I learned I’m unloved, as usual.

She’s suicidal and have emotional problems. But she has an interesting life and all sorts of exciting experience. I have nothing.

I’m 25 years old and I’ve never been in a long relationship.

I have a stable 9-6 job. I have a master degree. I have good friends and family. I’ve always been a good student, employee, friend, and daughter. I excel in many areas but romantic life.

Don’t fucking ask me to just focus on other areas in life …


The last straw for this weak camel

February 26th, 2015by Lsari

I have often read many a tragic tail when it comes to this sort of thing. Mine isn’t worth telling. I’m sure there are many others who could of made due with this life of mine. I however, could not. This is merely the result of a life time of inaction. I have always known that I would wind up killing myself, ever since I was 7, I wanted to die. Truth be told, I was really hoping I would of died by now, some sort of traffic incident, illness or even murder. I have been unfortunate to have lived so long.

I’ll be turning 23 on March the …



February 26th, 2015by silvermoon

alone and seen by nobody

she walks silently on the road

with only pain to keep her company.

she gives,

and they take,

as always.

noise comes to assault her

and she trembles,

but she is only here

to be brutalized

no one cares

for her brain.

she grows up to plod along

the sides of roads

every cruel mistake

torturing her mind.

everything set up

to make her blame

and hate

only herself,

the child is not allowed

to be angry

at the man.

she looks for love desperately

but in this world

finds nothing

but more pain.

judgment, rejection

no one can see the pain

behind the rage.

no one.

they leave her

and tell her it is because

she is not good enough

for them.

guilt a-plenty consumes her

but no one sees her

no one at all

and soon …



February 26th, 2015by MattCSidd

I used to think that they could all see me, and maybe they could, b   no  I  real  e  I m   st f d ng aw  . .


if anyone wants to talk or needs a friend…

February 26th, 2015by russo

I really want to talk to people,  if you want to get in contact could you comment a medium to talk? I prefer Skype (we don’t have to verbally talk) since i’m terrible at email and I hate typing on my phone, but any method is fine…



February 26th, 2015by comomequieranllamar

Haven’t sleep ok in months. Neither tonight. But this morning… the cold seems to be gone. My dog’s head is on my arm. Somehow, the world seems to be quiet, and birds start to be back. For almost an hour, I slept like a child. Time to wake up. I’m still afraid of talking to people.

But for an hour, everything was ok.


beware of darkness

February 26th, 2015by Randall

Watch out now, take care
Beware of falling swingers
Dropping all around you
The pain that often mingles
In your fingertips
Beware of darkness

Watch out now, take care
Beware of the thoughts that linger
Winding up inside your head
The hopelessness around you
In the dead of night

Beware of sadness
It can hit you
It can hurt you
Make you sore and what is more
That is not what you are here for

Watch out now, take care
Beware of soft shoe shufflers
Dancing down the sidewalks
As each unconscious sufferer
Wanders aimlessly
Beware of Maya

Watch out now, take care
Beware of greedy leaders
They take you where you should not go
While Weeping Atlas Cedars
They just want to grow, grow and grow
Beware of darkness


Because love ruined me…

February 26th, 2015by littlerayofsunshine

I wish I never meant you. Because if I never meant you, I would never know this feeling that haunts me every day, this sickening feeling that feels like I’m incomplete, lost, missing something. And indeed I am, I don’t have you to call mine anymore, your “hers” and I don’t know which hurts more the things you tell me or the fact that your still with her despite how you feel for me.
When I hear people say “I love you” to their partners I wonder if they actually know what love is, how it consumes every inch of your body and soul, how the …


restless mind

February 26th, 2015by littlerayofsunshine

Sometimes i feel it would be just so much easier to give in to temptation… to let the blade make me forget everything i worry about. Every now and then i wonder why i put myself through all this grief and stress when i could make it all go away and never have to worry about a single thing ever again… bad late night thoughts that haunt me.



February 26th, 2015by apathyismine

I’ve been thinking alot lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that life is a waste. I kinda just want to disappear. Crumble away and let a primordial wind blow away my remains. I don’t have anyone to talk to. My “friends” only show up when they need stuff so I’ve distanced myself from them. I don’t have family. I might as well be an orphan, they let me drift around aimlessly and treat me like scum. I was a good child. Great grades. Nice job. Almost finish with college. But I guess all they see is someone to benefit from. As for love, I …



February 26th, 2015by breakeven

I haven’t cut myself in a long time. And tonight. 5 mins ago. I did. And I realize how much I missed it. Idk if I’m fucked up for that. But idk. I don’t care I guess. Every day I picture myself dying. Dead laying there. I don’t have to feel pain anymore. And that’s the ultimate goal. I wanna be happy. But I’m not happy being here.


I tired of life of my family and I have no one they are never there for me and I’m sick of it I’m always confused and scared to die because of hell… But whats a quick way to die but nothing like stab myself in the gut just quick and easy


What they dont know…

February 25th, 2015by pxckll

If i put on a fake smile and pull down my sleeves, they wont know and they wont get mad at me… they still dont know what happened that day… or the other days… im ashamed and scared to tell them the whole story…



February 25th, 2015by pxckll

I keep thinking about going to therapy again… it never helped me before though… I dont know what to do… i dont exactly have cash on hand for an appointment… Admit myself back into a hospital???… ive never been with a bunch of other adults though… just adolescents… im too terrified of the adults there… would i have to stay for a really long time??? how much would i have to pay for it??? is it even worth it at all??? a knife or water can end it all much faster for me with little to no major pain… id be free, well, sort of… …