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Committing suicide?

December 19th, 2014by Paranoid guy

So I’ve heard that if you take your own life you go straight to hell and you suffer for eternity. What can you guys tell me about this?


Hopes shattered, pieces missing.

December 19th, 2014by nias

Is this all my life will be: broken dreams, loneliness, pain and fear. I once had such high hopes, now I’m an embarrassment, I’m worthless trash.
All I want is to hold you, to love you, to protect you, it’s all Angela, my angel. You screwed me, you used me, now I’ve fallen apart, if only I’d known you’d do that, but I was caught up in love. Feel broken, death now awaits, do you even care, your life was all that mattered. You treated me like you were ashamed of me, you were ashamed, that’s clear, such damaged you caused me, such a worthless feeling …


Does therapy work?

December 18th, 2014by hopeisafourletterword

For anyone who has seen a psychiatrist, therapist, etc, what have they done for you? Does it really make you feel that much better? Or do you have to go on meds to feel any different?


A suicide note to my parents.

December 18th, 2014by jasal

(When I kill myself, I’m going to tell my parents to say it was an accident. It’s better that way. They won’t be blamed or shamed by a cultural community that doesn’t understand or accept mental illness. They won’t be asked where they went wrong with me, what mistakes they made in raising me, or any other bullshit like that.)

I’m so sorry, Mom and Dad. Don’t tell anyone the truth. Say it was an accident. I don’t want you to be ostracized for my selfish decision. I know you despise lying, but please lie for all of our sakes. I don’t care what they would …


useless and foolish

December 18th, 2014by Harrison

tthats just how i’m feeling today. my only friend i texted on monday and he said he was busy andd he would text me, but i havent heard from him. my dad thinks i am an idiot and can never take any opinion of mine seriously. the person i replaced wh3n i got my job is coming back and i am told i will stay but we are slow and i feel like an extra just doing nothing, plus it is a girl and she is really annoying and she argues with the boss all the time, and i just dont want to be there, …



December 18th, 2014by DarkestRaven

Not sure how much more depressing each passing birthday can get……



December 18th, 2014by snuf

Had a thought, but I lost it. Excuse my stupidity.

In conclusion, i’m still alive, but barely living. You know, the usual stuff.

But, if things go as planned within the next few days, that may not be the case.

Happy thoughts…


I’m guessing I’m meant to be alone

December 18th, 2014by Jimmie_Rustler

See, after the last girl that seemed crazy about me turned me down and wanted to be friends (and I was stupid enough to believe things would be different this time) I want to know, how do I get a girlfriend? Should I just make my standards so low I can’t possibly get rejected? Just go for people with no self-esteem and don’t actually look like girls to begin with? Is that the key, just have no standards whatsoever? Or should I just say screw it and end my life, because I’m sick of this.


Needing Advice, Please!

December 18th, 2014by EvilKitten

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been really busy with work and such.

Things are going rough and I on’y have until the 30th of this month to turn things around or I’ll lose everything.


These are my choices:

1) Default on my storage units and lose all mine and my late husbands possessions.

2) Sell my body to come up with $400 by the 30th.

3) Chain myself to a tree in the middle of nowhere tonight in soaking wet clothes and freeze to death.


Out of those options, which would you choose and why? What do you think I should do?

I’m working, but I don’t …


What’s In A Name?

December 18th, 2014by killswitchon

What’s in a name?
Syllables that spell sounds of secrets only known to the only observers of a wishful wondering happenstance:
What’s in a name?
Ubiquitous esoteric yearnings for a mantra unknown to a hindered humanity caught in loneliness’ tailspin
Be quiet they said, it’s your natural state they said.
What of it?
I’d rather think then spew more filth; we have enough landfills.
No. Give me a title. A piece of paper that screams my worth to a world that only holds your value in high esteem if deemed intelligent by a faulty trap established by greedy hyenas. Then. And only then shall I be actualized. Self actualization shall …


maybe there is a chance

December 18th, 2014by hidingfromlife81

maybe there is a chance to change to feel better to be happy

but how do i prove to someone that i can ??

how do i prove it to me??

still feeling lost …



December 18th, 2014by Hjerteblomst

Appreciate having food to eat and a roof over my head, and appreciate having parents who haven’t thrown me out…

i sure don’t appreciate being ‘alive’ though. Just waiting to die… That will take forever….


Dying in my Dreams

December 18th, 2014by Sofie

I mustered up the courage to write a post. Usually I just read and reply to others, but I’m giving this a go.

For awhile now, I’ve been dying in my dreams, sometimes I’m killed, other times, I just give up. The struggle isn’t worth the fight and I find myself falling to my death or drowning. Everything becomes slow, and blurred, carefree and eventually fade to black.

I imagine, maybe that’s what it’s like to die? Even if it was more painful, I don’t think I would mind it.

I’m 25 years old… 25. Next year I’ll be 26… and I have completed nothing. My whole life has …



December 18th, 2014by xanadu

If language did not exist, how would we know what was beer and what was sewer water?

I may not have the answer, but I have a beer, and I’m pretty sure it’s not sewer water.

And all the squirrels said, *hic*.



December 18th, 2014by Iwannabeleftalonehere

Hey it’s me one of the many unknown here.I just…don’t have the power to speak to someone so i guess i will just you know write it here i guess somebody will see it.So i don’t know where to start but i aint gonna make this long i just don’t feel like it.I am here as always alone in my room after a couple of drinks just like always i burns on the inside i guess getting drunk is the only thing that helps me sleep.I’m just laying here alone i have nobody is the same day everyday i just think i’ll quit.I don’t think …


My rant post for the day. Whats the point

December 18th, 2014by Overcomer72

OK this is my big RANT post of the day or even the week.  I call it WHATS THE POINT.  ((  dont read it if your sensitive ))

Ive been around for more than 4 decades and after all my days of living I find that there are certain things that just really suck about life in general.

One) Life is not fair.  Some people are born into well off familys and have a loving careing family that provides a good childhood for them and able to supply them with all a child needs to be happy and to havea good education and proper nutrition etc.  While …


December 18th, 2014by Lobo

I suck with titles so imma just skip that. I ran across this site a while ago, then forgot about it. Now i’m back. Woo fucking hoo. Anyway, i’ve been dealing with depression and suicide for as long as I can remember. Always figured ay, we die eventually. Might as well speed up the process. There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s a big part of it. I’m pretty much a failure at anything I do. Imma dropout, I can’t keep a fucking job for my life and I can’t get another one for my fucking either. I have the memory of …



December 18th, 2014by asphyxiaation

I can’t do this anymore. There are people out to get me and now theyre trying to hurt the one I love. Theyre only after him because of me so I need to remove myself.


December 18th, 2014by cloudlover0482

I had really bad PTSD yesterday. I started shaking, I couldn’t think straight all day. I felt so strung out and like I wanted to puke. I just can’t seem to keep calm. :(


scared as hell

December 18th, 2014by cathy arsis

i’m checking in tomarrow….and i’m really scared about it…..i know i need to though