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please help me, anyone please.

September 1st, 2014by shahil265

Hi i am looking for nembutal. I cant afford to travel or afford to purchase the drug.ive tried sleeping tablets mixed with painkillers but this didnt work. Could some1 please send me some nembutal please. I beg anyone for their help. please help anyone.i will b forever greatful

Po box 19987 
South Africa
Been to doctors and church etc. Just want out now


nembutal please

September 1st, 2014by shahil265

Hi i am looking for nembutal. I cant afford to travel or afford to purchase the drug.ive tried sleeping tablets mixed with painkillers but this didnt work. Could some1 please send me some nembutal please. I beg anyone for their help. please help anyone.i will b forever greatful

Po box 19987 
South Africa
Been to doctors and church etc. Just want out now, 15 years plus. Even tried n got a gun but could not do it because of the mess for others after.


kill me right now

September 1st, 2014by Hjerteblomst

Can i just die right now? I cant stand being emotionally exhausted. I fucking hate my pathetic self!!!!!


Dreading a hellhole

September 1st, 2014by Fantasyscope

This is so short but seriously, I Hate School. I don’t want to go back to the place which is borderline jail. Who wants to wake up and be constantly judged for 7 whole long hours of the day? I’m fine without thank you.
Also it smells of sweat. Gross or what? I don’t know.


Our tormented, lonely platypus is…gone?

September 1st, 2014by Shephard



This cannot be…

Edit: To clarify (just in case) – the screenshot was taken from an autoreply generated by her email service.

Edit 2: Title fix.


012305 Sept 14.

September 1st, 2014by Shephard

(^ That fella needs a haircut. Either that or a good hiding from Prince for pinching his ‘do.)

I know what questions to ask; I just don’t have the answers.

A thought train like the one I’ve been experiencing this past week will keep chugging along until it pulls up to its final station or derails somewhere down the line. It’s not so much the fact that, yes, I’m a lot more suicidal than I have been in recent months – it’s the fact that I don’t give two hoots about it. Yeah, I’m going to try and do something about it (too little, too late?) …


The Coward’s Way Out

September 1st, 2014by Zander0451

I’ve lived the last 5 years with severe depression and I’m sick of everything. Why should I bother anymore? To quote Macbeth; “I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as to go on.” My life is miserable at the moment, has been for a long time, and likely will be for alot longer. I’ve even found that I’m too useless to even help myself; when I make commitments to myself to make a change for the better I always break it and find that I’ll always be the coward I swore I’d never become. …


So much somber.

September 1st, 2014by Sparkle Dolls

It’s beautiful in such a twisted and haunting way, how there are so many people around the world right now; so many sad people… who are all thinking at the same time, and for their own reasons, “I want to die”. And they’re all so alone. And just a tiny handful of them, out of a sea of people, travel to this website. I wish I could hug one of you. That would be something really special.

I hope everyone makes it through tonight/today and smiles at least once.


So lonely and tired

September 1st, 2014by confusedandalone

In the last week my amazing job has stopped being amazing. I moved stores to help this store achieve success, I was told id be stepping on toes but in time it would dissipate. Now it seems the person who feels threatened by me has put in a complaint, unsure of the nature I asked and was told I couldn’t be told and that a note would be placed in my file. I’m not allowed to face my accuser or defend myself, it doesn’t make sense. Considering I was aware when I took the position that it would be hard for the older staff member …


In line at the BMV

September 1st, 2014by kramdragon

That’s what my life feels like.  It’s that pathetic.  The people I want to talk to are all there in front of me, but they’re not looking back to see me reaching out for them.  I want to think that there are people behind me that would listen, but I can’t turn back to see for sure.  Every once in a while the line moves enough that I get to talk to a perfect stranger, but they can’t help.  So what else is there to do but go to the back of the line?


My Nose: The First

September 1st, 2014by Das Quasar

Greetings. This is my first post in this site, and although I bet your issues are probably bigger than the ones I will expose here, I would still appreciate no bashing. Thanks in advance.

I don’t exactly remember the last day I could breathe clearly through my nose. I feel like it was more than 15 years ago. And I have tried a lot of things to try to get that feeling back: I rinse my nose with water and salts, I have been taking pills daily for several years… even tried grabbing whatever is inside of my nose with tweezers and wooden sticks. Nothing works. …


Let me out

September 1st, 2014by delay_the_inevitable

I just discovered this site. I don’t know if I have the energy to go through the full story, but this is where I am in brief -


38, male, below average appearance. Weak chin, skinny upper body, with a belly. I don’t work out because I want to think about my physical self as little as possible.

No college degree. I’ve started and dropped so many times it’s absurd. I was in school off and on from the age of 18 until 35. Changed majors 4 times. Every emotional setback and I dropped classes – I have almost as many W’s on my transcipt as actual …


How did this happen?

September 1st, 2014by knocked down to many times

I lived my life as a child who had big dreams. I wanted to be a teacher or a doctor because that’s what kids my age wanted to be at the time. Life outside was great,but coming home was never any fun. There were times when I enjoyed being home. Other times I wish I had a place to run to. Four years go by and every single day of those years were awful. What still brings me tears is when on July 5th I told myself “This was beautiful day”. From then till now I haven’t had a beautiful day. I became a druggie …


Just Rambling

September 1st, 2014by snuffles

Sitting here, same way I spend every night, sitting here on this laptop, glancing at my phone every few minutes. Debating whether I feel like taking off on a midnight walk. Listening to a song by Infectious, wondering where he is right now. Along with a couple other people I used to talk with a lot on here. Just thinking…

I’m popular in all the places I could really care less about. My phone buzzes every few minutes, an alert from facebook or instagram or twitter, but I could really give a shit less. Ever since Jeff died, I haven’t had anyone I could truly confide …


Yes. I will commit suicide.

September 1st, 2014by kissmyb0nes

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I’ve started cutting again, continued to purge and restrict, and also binge. I’ve been depressed for two years… I might not commit suicide just this second, but soon I will end my life. I’m not sure when I will finally break and not be able to handle it anymore. Nobody notices that I’m not okay.

Nobody notices the sadness in my eyes.

Nobody hears the voices in my head

Nobody notices the vomit in the toilet.

Nobody notices the cuts on my skin.

Nobody notices the stash of laxatives.


I am terrified

September 1st, 2014by marine105

Right now, as of this moment and the myriad of moments preceding this one, I am terrified.

Why? I don’t know.

I suffer from a fear that I cannot name or pinpoint.

It’s not a fear of something real.  It’s not a rational fear, proportionate to the degree of danger I’m facing.

It’s an all-consuming entity, enraptured with me and enveloping me in its inescapable grasp.


I work a job, something that I’ve been able to manage (to some extent) for about a year and a half now.

I’m about to start a new work schedule, and I’m working a bit more than I’m used to.

Even though I know I can …


In the mean time!

September 1st, 2014by insecure-wreck

I hate my body I really don’t know what to do in life I have no talent n I can’t be of any use to anymore we’ll at times that what my stepdad thinks. But I sometimes believe him I wish I wasn’t in so much pyshical pain n to try n get better while waiting I feel so scared n wonder about how am I still here. It’s difficult right now my body feels like a accordion I hope I spelled that right cause certain areas of my body feel either twisted or stretched out why is there hope… but I want to talk …


given up

September 1st, 2014by kateralia

I am so beyond lowest of low points that I have given up on everything. I couldnt be bothered showering, brushing my teeth, washing clothes even eating.  I don’t sleep one day just so I can sleep through the next.  I am in immense pain from my back and my rotting teeth.

I once cared so much about my health and my appearance. Where did it go wrong?

Finally my doctor is listening to me & trying to help. Why now after nearly a year of seeing him, telling him my troubles, what I want to do, does he now want to do something?

I made my very …


My birthday, another day of disaster.

September 1st, 2014by DeathGreeter

August 31st.

I’m sitting here on my chair, thinking about ME and MY pathetic life as usual. Given the fact that today is my birthday just makes me feel ”ultra sad”. Birthday usually symbolize the day of you being bought upon this world so you can ”celebrite” it. But in my definition of birthday is totally different, the thought of birthday makes me sad, what have i got to celebrite for? Being forced to live in this world? All I did was making my birth mother suffered, being pushed out of her womb as she scream in absolute pain is something to be happy for? Enough …


JiminyCrispies (since everyone else is making these posts)

September 1st, 2014by youwillneverknowme

Where are you?