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February 6th, 2016by October_rain

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I just want to share something positive with you.

February 6th, 2016by The world is not black and white.

Some of you might know that i suffer from social anxiety. The good news is that i’ve made progress. I feel all that panic and fear fading away. I also started to socialise with my classmates.

Last week i participated on a biology olympiad (that’s some kind of competition between students from different high schools in the city) and yesterday my teacher told me that i’ve won… So you’re the first people i’m telling this.

Yay for me!


I find the desire to live even in suffering and boredom

February 6th, 2016by hope432

I don’t enjoy many things but I somehow always find the desire to live. Death tells me nothing(although I do understand why people commit suicide, I am actually someone who believes that suicide is an option). I don’t know why but I find beauty in my suffering and my life. For example today, I didn’t have many things to do. I’ve played my favorite computer game, learned for my exam but overall the day has been quite dull.  Now I am sitting in my bed  and watching the blanket. I have nothing to do apart from writing on sp.  But I feel good! The day …


Horrible Memory

February 6th, 2016by Ylem31

It won’t leave my head. Maybe writing it on here will give me a bit of a rest.

Before my neighbours eventually managed to finally kill my brother, they had been trying for a few year.

In 2013, after yet another harassment from them when I was coming back from school, my mother told my brother about it. Of course, it pissed him off. He decided to confront them and ask them exactly what they wanted from me.

I was not home that day. When I got back, things were upside down, and there was so much blood. My parents were not at home. They had taken my …


Oh, look. A new record

February 6th, 2016by mranony

It’s only been a few days since I wrote my “I wanna try getting better.”


Nope. I ran away again. I don’t why. I just felt the sudden urge to ran away.

What if I say I kinda do need a help from a doctor again? What if I say it’s not getting any better? Will you forgive me and try to understand me?

I have ran out of corners to ran to. It all led me to some kind of a dead end.

I just wanna ran away from life and all that comes with it. What’s the point? We will all meet Death anyway. Is life just …


Thanks :-) :-) :-)

February 6th, 2016by Peace

I was Alone but not anymore.
I was Clown but not anymore.
I was Nomad but not anymore.
I was Saddest but not anymore.
I was Devastated but not anymore.
I was Afraid of living but not anymore.

Thanks to you. :-)
Love of My Life. :-)

You just didn’t made this life bearable, you actually made it happier. :-)

I’m so muchhhhhh happy. :-) :-) :-)
You guys also deserve lots of thanks.
So Thanks You Guys. :-) :-) :-)


To * Not Interested in Life *

February 6th, 2016by BL98

About the last post you wrote :

  • My comment had to wait moderation so i made a post
  • This one is for you and all those who think they are ugly and things like that

Don’t be so harsh on yourself , every girl is a beautiful princess ( hope i got that right ) , not to mention that you’re an awesome person <3 you have to admit that we see only the bad in us and never the good … pretty sad huh ? I know you won’t believe me but even if i never met you in person i will love to spend time with …


Fucking Assholes

February 6th, 2016by The White Rabbit

I love how you tell someone you’re getting over depression and they say, “Oh, one of those” and just stop talking to you. Yeah, that makes it sooooo much better. People are shit and there is nothing I’ve ever seen to make me think otherwise. The only times people even TRY to act like they care is when they are selfishly trying to feel like they are a “good” person.

I’ve been trying so fucking hard to get over being suicidal… I’m TRYING to keep it together… I’m TRYING to, even if I don’t have hope, LIVE at the very least. Yet I get more SHIT …


mouth breather and long face

February 6th, 2016by Not interested in life

Yep, I have it…
I don’t mouth breathe much anymore but the damage is done

-big nose
-receding jaw
-short upper lip
-vertical jaw growth
-crooked teeth (got braces) didn’t do shit. Research I’ve looked at tells me why the braces didn’t do a thing.

cant say my eyes look ‘tired’ and i don’t really have any bags under them

Oh, and long face

I don’t get why people say its no big deal… It is!!! I hate my stupid ugly face!!!! Its deformed!!! I look like these other mouthbreathers!!!!


Lifes Not Fair

February 6th, 2016by FeelingFunny

All I could think about all day was how when I get my paycheck im gonna get some drugs and OD. Then, my grandma was so caring and attentive to me because Im sick. She made me tea, chicken soup, and told me to let her know if I needed anything else. Then, my uncle picked up a couple brews and came to shoot the shit for awhile and it was fun. How could I do that to such an awesome family? Just the burden of my funeral alone, let alone the emotional toll on them. Then, I think of my little brother and sister, …


Stupid body

February 6th, 2016by Deadinside59

I’m young and my body is shitting out on me my back hurts and my stupid legs hurt if i sit still i need to exercise on more areas rather than upper body maybe that would help idk sometimes at night i can just hear my heartbeat it keeps me up I’ve put my body through so much torture sometimes i almost feel bad for myself all those cuts the energy drinks the drugs the cigarettes sometimes i wonder how am i not dead if i ever find my true love and have a family i guess maybe it’s best i never get that I’d …


February 6th, 2016by admin000

Two questions 1. Is it ok to cry 2. Is suicide a selfish act?


If I were…

February 6th, 2016by Alan Ominous

If I were to do it…
By it, I mean take my life.
The plan would be creative,
Full of spite.
With some rope I’d hang,
My feet still touch the floor.
Not enough to asphyxiate,
Just to numb the core.
A gun fixed behind me,
With pulleys and cables to the door.
So you can be the one to kill me,
Like so many times before.
Maybe then you can feel me,
Through my blood upon you face.
Maybe then you’ll see,
The folly of your ways. . .                             If I were to do it

I’d remove all of the doubt.

If I were to do it,

you’d …


I got a job, yay?

February 6th, 2016by Dungeon

So as the title shows I have possible work, It’s a entry job but money is money.
I don’t know if this will delay my “off day” but for now I’ll have some coin to spend ( or save realistically ).

Also I found out that If you get a comment awaiting moderation on your post, It will send you an email and will also show the commenter’s IP address.
I don’t know if this was mentioned before, but this is kinda shady.
Although I don’t want to think about it, there might be some creep lurkers on this site looking for unstable individuals to prey on and with …


The nature of all tragedies

February 6th, 2016by EternalED

You will die, some day, some time, you will die. You will absolutely die. Even if you avoid this death, another will find you. And I guarantee, that It won’t be nearly as poetic or meaningful as what she’s written.


Life is Empty

February 6th, 2016by bah

when no one cares about you.

Life is Painful.
Life is Lonely.


:|dead values

February 5th, 2016by xoxosiamese-catxoxo

So i won’t say that people around me are good cause mostly all they throw outta their mouth is criticism but still i won’t blame them. It’s my fault no matter how much criticism i take in. Nobody can make me feel worthless without my permission. A person like me was born to die just like everybody else. But before my physical death i got brain dead. My whole inner world is dead. Without values. The only worthy part of me is the shame and guilt i feel for being who i am. I can’t stop feeling like a piece of trash. Put me next …


I wish life didn’t have to revolve around…..

February 5th, 2016by PhantomCitizen43

I wish life didn’t have to revolve around….. work and money.

why cant we all just have what we need and enjoy our lives without work and money always being the big thing!

My stupid rant.  LOL


Waste of humanity

February 5th, 2016by Bob40

no.forgiveness-hdI Hate my calendar …


First Post

February 5th, 2016by Alan Ominous

Reaching out, maybe I’ll get some insight or relate with someone.

To start, I don’t want to commit suicide. I would however welcome the embrace of death. So if it must come by my own hands, it’s something that will take time to build courage.

See, I don’t really want to die. I’m just failing to see another option. I’m trapped, currently. Bound in captivity. Not a situation I can fight through. I’ve been fighting for years. Though I may win a battle here and there, it’s clear I’m losing the war. I can’t escape, or run away. There are many dependant on me. So what will …