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It’s baaaack

April 18th, 2015by sleeplessinSTL

Fuck. Shitshitshit,

i relapsed again.

i can’t hear “YOU have to make things better” or “don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver plate” because fuck you. I know that.

I think I’m gonna try again tonight. Who knows? Maybe it’ll work?


Population Filter, Death.

April 18th, 2015by sundrop

I love smoking cigarettes, they’re great when you have been hooked for years.. I realize every time however often that is, I get sick when I smoke. I feel droggy and tired. As well as having asthma I cannot stress how bad it hurts to breathe sometimes. It feels more intense because when I get depressed I get worse body aches sometimes. I can go into coughing spells and choke. I went downhill after being raped and started smoking every time I experienced any type of stresses or anxiety. I can’t go more than a few hours without my sweaty hands craving a drag. They …


That makes it

April 18th, 2015by sgfire1234

In Man of Steel with Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner plays Superman’s father, and he goes back into a tornado to save the family dog trapped in the car after Clark and Mom get away. Costner knows he’s going to die and deliberately tells Clark not to save him. So Costner was depressed? Having chemicals mixed up in his brain? Oh, for some reason, his feelings at that moment were valid but when normal people who never raised Superman and aren’t trying to save their dog deliberately end their life it’s because their feelings are not valid? It’s like we are told to read the DSM …


April 18th, 2015by goingnumb

I just can’t bring myself to move I’m getting to the point where cutting and self medication is the only thing that will help me



April 18th, 2015by sundrop

i think the only person out there for me is nicotine. i cant talk to my family or so called best friend about what goes on in my mind. they tell me to go back to counseling and start taking pills again. i dont need that, i need them. i need someone to hear me out without judgement. but then again all people know is judging.


A goth tune why are goths Goths but old school

April 18th, 2015by cryingflying


Always felt like a big ball shit…

April 18th, 2015by Someone kill me..

Ive always felt like shit, always felt hated and ive always craved attention and i hate myself so bad for it.

Ive been bullied for years and havent told anyone. My brother felt the same way and he told me about it, instead of our parents, he then told our parents. They stopped him from going outside for weeks and they hired so many people to keep him from it, it was that way for 7 months then he got out and commited suicide. He was the only person to ever talk with me and he meant more to me than anyone else. I’ve never told …


please, wake me up…

April 18th, 2015by Sutfin


April 18th, 2015by LifelessAnatomy

Friendship means understanding,not means forgiveness not forgetting. it means memories last even if contact is lost


think its french but class tune

April 18th, 2015by cryingflying


what’s your best music and dose it help you

April 18th, 2015by cryingflying

i love music and all types of music its what ever


one of the lows

April 18th, 2015by missti sal

I stumbled apon this page today while desperately searching for an explanation to my constant desire to end my own life. The posts that I have read thus far have touched my heart and soul in ways i cannot imagine, i relate to so many of these posts. As i have just mentioned I found this page today so this is my first post.

I am a 20 year old university student, on the forefront i seem like I have the world figured out and a future most people only dream of but here is the truth: I am alone in this world that has been …


Life as a machine

April 18th, 2015by darkandroid

This machine is tired of functioning blindly without anything to drive it. It wakes up everyday by default, gets out of bed and chugs along throughout life without a thought. It is numb, impersonal, blank. What once used to be personable perished in it’s hardrive of its psyche many years ago. Cruel words and physical punishment battered whatever data was left and erased it completely. What was once alive was now turned into a machine. It is emotionless; purposeless. It only goes on due to fear; fear that it’s parents will put it through hell again, and because of their pre-programmed expectations. It is stuck …


I just need to cut to release everything I’m dying inside

April 18th, 2015by goingnumb


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

April 18th, 2015by Matt

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, when I could pass for normal.

Probably because, for all intents and purposes, I was normal.

I did normal things, ate normal food, took normal shows, I was thoroughly unexceptional.

Not to say I’m exceptional now, but you get my meaning.

No one ever said it’d be easy to get back to that place in my life.

But for the first time in a long time, I can see the horizon.

Those bastards were right, time must heal all wounds.

No longer am I taking one step forward and two back.

I’m making progress.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Now only a million …


My life has crashed again.

April 18th, 2015by Ed

After a suffering childhood with to much suicide attempts and other violence in my family i at age 5¬†landed in shock. Child protection came in after my sisters suicide attempt but my parents kept there dirty laundry for them self they did not explain what was happening just blamed the kids.¬†Child protection did not see i was in shock thought i was stupid and hard to handle. At age 6 they dumped me by trick in closed house of correction for the aggressive retarded children. 5 Years there with all the torture really fucked me up for life. It was not the beatings it was …


April 18th, 2015by LittleBead

I don’t know why I am thinking of it again but I seriously reconsider attempting suicide. I have good moments but when things go bad they’re like an avalanche. I don’t even know if I will pass this grade and well, I am just crying and it feels so bad so so so bad that I just can’t handle it, I would love to be hugged by someone and it is just that

I don’t really want to die but it feels so bad, I feel so little, like nothing, I could almost say that I don’t enjoy anything anymore, I try to stay positive but …


April 18th, 2015by joinjeremy

F***ing 2073,

Gradually Overcoming Obstacles by God’s Love & Eternity its my Dr*g Of Choice… Sometimes


This is 100% fictitious, but is that not reality?.. Especially if your name is Jeremy in 2073..





April 18th, 2015by jenbrown

hey @UNLUCKYMALE13 where you lost? not heard from you lately? hope you’re doing well


one choice

April 18th, 2015by worthless_loser 73

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I was given a choice: go back and make one change in the most critical moment, or just do nothing and be in the same position I am now?

For me that critical moment was actually a series of tiny interconnected moments. Our friendship escalated to flirtation. At first just innocent, then mischievous, then naughty, and in the end serious.

What if I could go to that exact moment when we decided to cross the line? Would I back out now, knowing what I know? Knowing that I have lost everything, including my will to live?

But if …