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What would I say?

October 24th, 2014by serenityseeker

What would I say? What would they want to hear? What would they want to know? These are a few of the questions that I have about what will happen after I’m gone. Other than that there really isn’t any telling what will happen to whom and how. There are of course the general predictions that we make about those that we know both in our families and out and about what our children will be like when they have fully grown, but aside from all of that, I really don’t care to find out.
In all honesty, I am not too eager to find …


October 24th, 2014by Bisban


There’s nothing worse than hell temporal eternum

The spells that surrounds me

Words that I speak

I wonder one day, when I look up to the sky

Sad and sadness, doesn’t exist

Words lost, sunk into the bottom of the ocean

The bide, who am I


To be lone, what is it

Come with me if you have nobody

I will take you, I will save

Forever, no matter who you are

God, Where are you, of all I need you

A final, what does it all mean

Can such be, for me





October 24th, 2014by marz

Is it normal to think about cutting all the time?


Child I know

October 24th, 2014by marz

Age 11 found out life really isn’t that great,

Age 12 ran away from a rape,

Age 13 became less bright and cute,

Age 14 tried my very fist zoot,

Age 15 started drinking and became wild,

Age 16 got pregnant and lost my first child,

Age 17 tried to turn my life around,

Age 18 here I am soon to be buried deep into the ground.

No child should have to go through this, this is what leads to self-harm and suicide and worst of all depression.





October 24th, 2014by marz

Just like I presumed life seriously did mess me right up again. Life just seems to be a gamble nowadays. Once again I got caught with my boyfriend….really is it that bad to have a boyfriend I mean I am 18 just leave me be. Ok I know it goes against my religious beliefs and all but I just don’t know what to do any more. On one side my parents are telling me to get married now, but we have nothing to live off and are still students ourselves…and on the other side I have his side who don’t mind me getting married to …


Megan and Morris

October 24th, 2014by Sea Floor

Morris got up off his barstool and walked towards the bathroom. He passed by a pretty girl who looked directly at him. Morris smiled at the girl. It was an involuntary response. Like a dog who wags his tail when he’s happy, Morris couldn’t help smiling at the attractive stranger who’d shot him a glance.

When Morris finished his business in the restroom he walked back to his seat at the bar. He was delighted to see that the girl he had smiled at was sitting on the stool next to his. She noticed him as he sat down next to her. “Is anyone sitting …



October 24th, 2014by 89hash

At my lowest and don’t think I’m gonna rebound this time. Basically at the point where I’m burning bridges so I won’t feel as guilty when I throw in the towel. Visited my grandmothers grave back home to get some sort of closure and stole some oxycontins and blood thinner from a relative. These overnight shifts at work have me ready to take the leap, just waiting for the house to be empty. Why fight it?




It’s my birthday today…

October 24th, 2014by jj

I turned 31.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


I’m not ready for the world?

October 24th, 2014by Sakuracha

Ever since I was in 7th grade I’ve been feeling suicidal. I’m a 15 year old girl who’s a sophmore now. I feel like I can’t take it anymore I’ve been bullied all of my middle school life even by my english teacher who encouraged my 8th grade classmates to make fun of me. I had moved from that school but the comments and memories won’t go away. People never understand they tell me to get over things when I need to be in a mental hospitoal and get medication. Even the person who was closetest to me(my ex boyfriend from middle school) has left …


I Need Some Technical Help

October 24th, 2014by Nathaniel

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the Suicide Project, but I guess… It’s good to be back?

At any rate, this websites added a new feature of displaying actual user pictures–ones that’re more revealing than just some random colorful pattern–and I was hoping to figure out some way of either changing my profile picture or deleting it entirely. This is because I’d like to post here without having my privacy compromised.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


October 24th, 2014by need2go

The only person I want to talk to and felt comfortably doing so doesn’t really appreciate me anymore, although she is my “best friend” and ex-gf. All my “friends” are kind of tired of me. I’m just really alone and I want to end this. I’m fine with my reasons.

Not sure how to do it. I thought about the helium method but I have no idea where to get that and no money too.I even thought about jumping off of a bridge, but the tallest bridge in my city isn’t tall enough.


Life promised me justice…

October 24th, 2014by stu_pidd_cow

Everyone tells me that I’m so lucky, so smart, so attractive. I have everything apparently. But there’s more to life than that superficial crap. In life you need only one thing: a place to belong. This is the thing that I don’t have.

I had a bunch of friends that I thought cared about me. I was wrong. They all stabbed me in the back. I asked them to go easy on me because I thought I was becoming depressed. They told me to grow up. Depression is for children, apparently. Anti-depressants only make me sleepy. I guess the objective is to just sleep your life …



October 24th, 2014by shelby420

So hows this work i can’t quite figure out the sight


Are you really gone?

October 24th, 2014by goingnumb

We dated for awhile then we were just friends things got messed up we hurt each other helped each other we met on here and you’ve been wanting to die just like I before we ever met I think. You really did it this time and i hope you didn’t im crying so hard I know you were in so much pain and I couldn’t fix you I tried so fucking hard and you even said you can’t be fixed I love you I hope you’re feeling peace for once


Title Here

October 24th, 2014by PerfectlyImperfect

Sat in a lawn chair today and burned what few sentimental belongings I had that were helping me hold on. It really hurt to let go of some of that stuff, I kinda didn’t want to that but it had to be done. They burned, turned to ashes, and disappeared with the wind. Guess tomorrow I’m going to go put my dog down, that’s the only real friend I have left, he’s always happy to see me and gives me unconditional affection. That’s probably going to be hard to do and hurt as well, but fuck it. Then I’m just going to exist until I …


Nights Are When the Monsters Come Out to Play

October 24th, 2014by StarsShineInDarkness

My darkness rises with the moon.

Every night I live the same war.

To cut or not to cut. (Sorry, I’m a Shakespearean geek)

But I know that it’s never really a question.

I can picture the blood, feel the burn,  and I know it’s coming and that I can’t stop it.

It should probably scare me, or at least make me feel a little nauseous.

But as usual, I feel nothing.

I know the blood will set me free.

At least until the moon visits again.


fuck you too

October 24th, 2014by fuckyoulife

Life was always shit. I wish i just got cancer, but of course i have to slowly become a vegetable. How can even shit like neurological ilness exist, i would abort myself on the first day if i knew about it. I’m surrounded by trash that live like they can’t do anything and that’s really annoying. Retards don’t know how it feels to become dead alive. Doctors are funny as well, takes 2 simple tests to confirm the sickness and it takes a year to do anything.
I’m so tired of this bullshit, fuck your school, your work and your pathetic lives. I’m not going to …



October 23rd, 2014by Jumper97

Just in case if I actually go through with it. This is my chance to say Goodbye to all SP members, have a great life ahead of you. You’re loving and caring people, you’re there for people when nobody else might not be there for him\her


If only some movies were real

October 23rd, 2014by onelastwish

I wish Michael Clark Duncan’s character from Green Mile was a real guy. Remember how he could just suck the illness out of people? That’s what I need, but for both physical and mental illness. All my troubles disappear into a swarm of black gnats. RIP him btw

Another good prospect would be the Men In Black memory eraser device. You just see a flash and then forget everything. If this could be done in real life I think a lot of us would be fine.

Or how about Total Recall/Dark City. A lifetime of good memories injected into you instantly. You just continue to live your …


From the other side of the desk…

October 23rd, 2014by Leaf

Help me.

I need to get this off my chest.

I think of suicide.

I’m not old but not young and I work as a suicide/crisis counselor. I deal each and every day with people who are hurting, alone and pain-ridden. People who need. And all of them want help. Want peace. Want someone to tell them they will be okay. That the day gets brighter. Just like me. I see as many as 18 separate people a day. I see snapshots of people’s worlds and realities. Of short comings, of emotional issues, of pain they’ve caused themselves or others have caused them. When you speak to someone …