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August 28th, 2015by Diablo

I just want to cry. To curl up and cry until I sleep. My depression is kicking in and I don’t want to deal with it. Over the days it will get worse and my imagination will start to take over and become my reality. I don’t want to deal with this.


Are you kidding me?

August 28th, 2015by impossible_girl

Want To Commit Suicide? (NOT METHOD RELATED) – Apparently designed to guilt you into living.

Good. Let them feel guilty for how they treated me in life. All my life, everyone has told me actions have consequences. Yeah, well, this is what happens when you take someone’s love and loyalty and repeatedly shove it in her face. I’m not staying around so you don’t have to examine your conscience.

“The suicide passes a judgment. Society does not care to examine the judgment, but in defense of itself as is, condemns the suicide.” — Robert E. Neale, The Art of Dying

“People pontificate, ‘Suicide is selfishness.’ Career churchmen …


August 28th, 2015by Diablo

“Tearing down the rest of the world won’t make you happy. Look inside yourself. Because finding who you were meant to be? What you were put into this world to do? That’s what fills the emptiness. It’s the only things that can.”


August 28th, 2015by Delisnak

im lost and broken. im to far gone to go back. im hoping someday someone can fix me. ill never be the same but at least i would be happy..


Death is fucking beautiful

August 28th, 2015by Deadinside59

Honestly fuck this world i don’t believe there is anyone innocent anymore i hope a nuclear war breaks out because we need a fucking purge if i could id fucking light this entire planet up with nuclear fire these people today are so fucking greedy and self centered we need to face the fucking facts here the world is filled with more bad people than good so no i don’t care if innocent people die because who is really innocent in this world today religion throughout history has been used as a fucking weapon open your eyes and see we need a fucking reset …


If You Were to End It Today…

August 28th, 2015by 1bigzero

I started thinking that I’d almost be tempted to load up my car with what I consider to be my most important possessions to remember me by, then burn down my house to save my brother from the hassle of having to sort through my lifetime accumulation of stuff.

What would you consider to be the most important items you own, that best represent and define who you are/were?

For me, that would probably be:
1. old photograph albums
2. a couple of journals that I used to write in (because I could never connect that well with other people to communicate some things)
3. my guitar (which I’ve had …


August 28th, 2015by Delisnak

Hey you, yes you, with the razor in your hand
and the tears in your eyes, I hope this has
reached you in time.

Dont drag the blade across your wrist,leg,hip or tummy.

Hey you, yes you, with the pills in your hands
and death on your mind. I hope this has
reached you in time.

Dont swallow those pills. I actually care.

Hey you, yes you, with the rope around your
neck and vodka on your breath. I hope this has
reached you in time.

Dont jump dont hop just stop. Remove the
rope step off the chair, I care.

Hey you, yes you, with the horrid past and a
bright future. Im glad …


Gotta hold on for atleast 5 more days

August 28th, 2015by Within Evanescence

For about 7 or 8 months now I have had a crush on my former history teacher. She is just really beautiful, funny, very smart, cute, her eyes and ears are lovely, I love her smile and her laugh and I just really fell for her. She makes me happy and I missed her so much this summer. She was the only reason I wanted to go back to school. She is not my teacher anymore, and I cried when finding out.. The thought of seeing her makes me hold on for one more day, almost every time. Yesterday I sent her an e-mail asking …


situation assessment

August 28th, 2015by sadsadist

…lots of bullshit cant trust my girlfriend shell see this probably as she often posts on here she hurts me when i trust her i care about her so much ive always tried my hardest i dont understand how she can take advantage of me im slowly losing what friends I still have, struggle is becoming more stressing always tired can’t think clearly always radical thoughts even for my standards I hope I make it through this year to reach my road to glory this is just a prologue to the true great story


My Weekly Whine

August 28th, 2015by thehusk

Round and round it goes in my head. Can’t kill myself. Can’t do that to my family. I owe them everything, and it would destroy them.

But can’t go on living with this overwhelming sadness. Can’t keep going through the motions. Can’t keep pretending I have a life. Can’t stand this longing anymore. Can’t go on being alone, but can never feel any real connection with anyone. Can’t keep hating myself, but can’t be anything better, no mattter how hard I try. Can’t keep fighting a battle I’m never going to win. Can’t bear to be the one who everyone pities anymore, a worthless loser. Can’t …


Stay Curious

August 28th, 2015by operationmintyhippo

I posted this as a comment, but I just wanted to share it with others who might not read it.

I am still alive because of my curiosity. My life is shit right now, but it has to get better sometime, right? I just always tell myself that. It can’t always be like this. I wasn’t made to live this miserably forever. There’s no way. So my curiosity is, “I wonder when life is going to have that magical turning point for me. I wonder what’s going to be that turning point. What’s going to make me the ridiculously happy person I dream of being?”

So my advice to …


Worst day of the year

August 28th, 2015by Lebuque

Today is my birthday. I never celebrate and rarely tell others that it’s today. Unfortunately, my family knows, so i have to deal with them coming over and bringing some food and blablabla.
I d like to spend it alone, thinking about how im still not moving forward. Thinking that its just another year of failures, disapointments and suffering.
If everything goes alright, 2016 august 28 will be a lot better. It will be my last anniverssary and my last day alive


August 28th, 2015by Darvin K. Duro

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”



August 28th, 2015by mranony

I feel like I don’t deserve everything that is given to me but I came to enjoy them. People’s kindness. I don’t quite understand it. I don’t want to accept it because I feel guilty. I know that I don’t deserve anything. I know I’m disgusting. I don’t know what I’m capable of. There are a lot of unanswered ‘what-ifs’ and ‘ors’ I don’t know my own emotions. If I’m crying for them or for my sake. Am I truly happy or did I just encountered an amusing thing that will eventually leave. Am I unmotivated or am I just lazy. Am I depressed or …


Last night.

August 28th, 2015by Delisnak

my body shakes and i cry. he didnt deserve the way i treated him, i hurt everyone around me. i push people awy but he never left he always stayed by my side untill the day i broke him. I’ve never seen so much pain on someones face, and im just now getting upset over it. all it took was one look at his photo and i completely lost it. it doesnt help that i see him almost everyday. my chest hurts, everything hurts.


Still Alive… and depressed

August 28th, 2015by Sev

I don’t know how much time i have left…
i’ve been trying for so long, sometimes i find some strength to live another day…
But this wish of dying always come back
I don’t have any hope that i will get better
I am sure that one day i will kill myself
I don’t want to be this way
I don’t have nothing beside my addictions
I think i’m an idiot
I feel like i’m hurting everyone around me
I smoke, i drink and i use drugs
Nothing can take this pain away
I’m so sad… i don’t know if i can fight against this anymore…
I don’t want to go outside anymore
I’m so afraid.


i dont believe her.

August 28th, 2015by noel

every so often i ask my mom to get me diagnosed with depression.

i doubt itll ever happen, and im probably lying to myself that i have depression but i wish i could get diagnosed within a second. i just want proof  that i have depression. maybe some antidepressants to help me cope. my family probably cant afford them, so i feel trapped. ive attempted suicide once. my mom knows about it but she didnt know it was a suicide attempt, because i didnt tell her. anyways. i was talking to her earlier about me getting diagnosed, and at some point she said that my depression …



August 28th, 2015by a3b2c1

So I’ve hinted before in my posts that I think I’m transgendered. I was born a guy but felt I should’ve been a girl. I had ignored this side of me for a long time for all the obvious reasons but I think I’m giving in to the ‘other side.’ Over time I’ve collected a little wardrobe of girly items, most of the stuff doesn’t fit but the few things that do, fit me like a glove and it just feels right and I feel like it’s the real me.

I still have a long way to go-need to trim down to a feminine size but …



August 28th, 2015by Diablo

Its midnight and I’m sitting outside asking myself “what makes me “beautiful”?” I asked my boyfriend and i will post his response down below along with my opinion on others not myself as examples. So my question for you guys is, what makes someone beautiful in your opinion?

His opinion: “Honestly I can say every physical attribute, you’re fine to a tee, your skin, hair and eyes, lips and nose, body, adorable and majestic is your physical appearance but your attitude and emotions, the way you act in certain situations, that’s a real beauty in itself, you’re so cute on the inside even if you …


i wish i could stop

August 28th, 2015by no more of this please

stupid impulse decisions that end up hurting people. then again, its all my fault. plenty of people with ‘mental problems’ don’t do this so its my fault. If i am not super super nice thats all my fault. there is no point even writing anything because people think I want sympathy or some shit. nobody understands. oh and whispers before you point out that post (yeah i deleted it) i am not apologizing to that nasty liar. If i didn’t make impulsive decision to report the ‘non-nudity’ photo then it would still be there. I cant do anything right. im sick of being paranoid and …