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What Is Book Of Eli *

September 17th, 2014by Bisban


Alina, I had a dream of you; even though, I’ve never seen you..

I promise, we were just friends, but I know it can never but will it ever..

In that dream, it was cool but too good to be true in the chill house..

We were just pals and I punched you softly on the stomach..

By the way, I’m the type that never have dreams anymore..

I can’t remember the last time I touched somebody..

It felt real, we laughed and I never awoke.




September 17th, 2014by natashia

Today as usual I woke up with anxiety barely letting me breathe, wanting to cry and going crazy in my head! I’ve been thinking for days now about overdosing but I’m such a stupid coward and I’m so scared of what comes after… I like to think in my head that once I kill myself I’ll go and be happy with my three babies, I’m 20 and yes, I’ve had 3 miscarriages, and I feel like that’s the biggest reason why I feel so depressed all the time, I miss them! I didn’t ever get to feed them, or hear them cry, they never got …


September 17th, 2014by E

today i came to the conclusion id rather have drug induced states of happiness over no happiness at all. maybe one day it can kill me. at least that way i can die happy. i don’t see it happening any other way.


I already feel dead

September 17th, 2014by toska

Um so.. I’ve been suicidal (on and off) ever since I can remember. I’m turning 22 next month and so I don’t have long, I don’t want to live past my birthday. Preferably, it’s when I’d like to leave this planet.


I’m not sad or angry or frustrated. I can deal with that. I feel like I’m holding my breath, waiting for that gasp of fresh air to bring me back to life. I feel crippled and it’s starting to effect work, work of which I hate doing ofcourse, I hate it all let’s be honest. this life thing isn’t for me, I’ve had a taste, …



September 17th, 2014by bah

I’m so angry at everyone who’s screwed me over.  SO many people.  My entire life people have treated me like shit, ever since I was a baby, screwed me over, punished me for no reason.  I am slighted at every turn.  The injustices never end.


Dead end

September 17th, 2014by thisgirl1990

I’m a good person, overall I don’t think there’s anything I do which is bitchy or dishonest. I really do live by the golden rule. Treat people how you want to be treated. I’m not even exaggerating. I really do.

I am quite a shy person. It come from a result of bullying throughout my childhood and onto my teenage years. Actually the first year of my life that I wasn’t bullied was when I was 17. (I’m in my mid 20′s now) Sometimes I wonder if I have some sort of social disorder, because even now I find it hard to connect and trust people.
Since …


Just to introduce myself

September 17th, 2014by Gollum

Howdy ,

I’m Gollum , male , 45 years old . Digital artist , broke , over-sensitive , tired , struggling with (“not-so-heavy-anymore”) depression since 2006 , when a very unexpected , painful & unhealthy divorce (after a decade and 1/2 of a very happy life) ,  put me in the deepest depths (ooo the pleonasm^^) of the well . I don’t have children btw .

Why Gollum as username ? (I could also have chosen Darth Vador , or Mr Hyde)

As an artist , I’ve always been into literature , imagery , music … Basically , I’m just fascinated by the evolution of these fictional characters …


We Aren’t in the Same Race

September 17th, 2014by snuffles

A comment by Dawg on another users post has really stuck with me. I’ve found myself using it as an example on other posts with the same general tone of the one who he had commented on. To generalize it, he pointed out that while some may have, or may be currently going through trials and tribulations that may be insignificant compared to others, they are just as traumatizing to that individual. The comment was provoked by a post by an older woman, explaining the multitude of obstacles she’s had to overcome to get to the seasoned age of around 60. She went on to …


up and down, down, down

September 17th, 2014by death bunny

In everybody’s life there are ups and downs, but it seems like in my life there are ups and downs and downs and some more downs. And that goes for each and every day. I can’t stand. This thing is driving me crazy. Correction – driving me to the edge of fucking putting a bullet through my freaking skull, because crazy I already am.

I’m on the verge of knocking myself out, hopefully with enough pills this time.

There is a part of me that do wants to live, to experience whatever may, but that part is very small. The other part, the dominent part, say I …


Mistakes of my youth

September 17th, 2014by freedomseeker


Today I want to talk about something. I want opinions, I think I need opinions. When I was younger, a young child and a teenager, I was kind of a “bad person”. I made mistakes. I was sometimes bad with people. And I do regret it today. I am only 21, but this past of mistakes and misunderstandings is far behind. I was kind of a bully. And when I reached adolescence, I became much like a physically-harmless psycho. I became a kind of a stalker. I precise : I am a girl. I do regret all the things I did, and I am now a person who …


I am tired I don’t know wtf I am supposed to do

September 17th, 2014by Unluckymale13

I recently found out that I have autism. That explains why I find it so hard to express my feelings to people and have problem when I study. I can’t become anything because I have autism. I have told my dumbass parents about this but they don’t believe me. They think that I am making up excuses to escape my responsibilities. I have even asked them to take me to a doctor to show them proof that I have autism but they don’t even listen. They are forcing me to get admitted into university and I have no fucking idea how I am going to …


Sometimes is so difficult

September 17th, 2014by Abg

Hello everyone, I’m 35, and I had deal with my fair share of depression since my teen years, but the crises didn’t last for long, but two years ago my mother passed away from cancer, my brother and I took care of her trough the whole disease it lasted for two years being the last 3 months of her life the most miserable ones, I tried to prepare myself to deal with her dying and the mourning phases but it has been already two years and the sadness keeps creeping up, it has been almost a month in which I have seriously contemplated the idea …


September 17th, 2014by broken2017

I’ve come to realize that when someone asks any variation of “how are you?” They don’t want to hear the truth. They want to hear something along the lines of “I’m good, thanks.” So they can go on and not feel guilty about not having asked why you’re sad. If you didn’t admit it, you’re not right?
The same goes for when they do actually ask if you’re upset about something. They don’t want to hear that you feel like your entire life is crumbling around you, they just want to look like a caring person for five seconds.
So you hide behind “I’m fine” and “just …


Well… a shit day….

September 17th, 2014by Still Lost

So… I woke up and intended to kill myself today. I decided to give it one last shot with my MD who abandoned me. I sent her a text asking if there was a bed available at her hospital. That I was serious and was very genuinely asking for her help. Nothing provocative. Well, I had text her a bunch over the past few weeks asking when we can meet soon. Nothing provocative. But she wasn’t responding which was unusual so it created more distressed for me. Note: For those of you who haven’t read my posts, I have been through tons of treatment (ECT, …


If only I could call the rain to melt and wash away the pain you feel, I would

September 16th, 2014by iamerror73

You gave yourself to me and showed me what the truth could be, for that, I say thank you


Please read: Selfish and False IMO

September 16th, 2014by Andersen

Several people have told me that failed suicide attempts are only for attention. Doing half the job is for attention.  If you fail then you don’t want to actually die, you just want the attention.

This is NOT the way I view it. This is just what people have told me.

I would like to hear other peoples opinions. Please comment.


Invisible Man.



September 16th, 2014by Ryder

So this is my letter… I don’t know when exactly I’m going to do it, but hopefully by next spring. PLEASE help me proofread this! I want to make sure my relatives understand my decision and can go on without me. I’m 21.
Dear mom,

I know this will hurt you for as long as you live. I don’t know what to say to ease the pain I’m going to cause, but I know that ‘sorry’ changes little. Though I will tell you why I did this, I know you’ll still be overwhelmed, confused, and hurt. Everything that was going through my head before I did this …


My reasons.

September 16th, 2014by jimmyb0878

Well, wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t at the end of my figurative rope.  What do you do, if life just ain’t… fun… anymore?  Nobody gives a damn about you.  You got nobody to vent to, to talk to… Except the anonymity of the internet…  Sure, your sick dad, wife, and kids all DEPEND on you… But they take you for granted day after day.  And your elderly dad, you realize, never did jack shit for you… You were an inconvenience to him and your mother…an accident, she gladly told you her whole life.  He never took time off from work for you, yet now …



September 16th, 2014by wishingthiswasover

Slowly everything is going bad again. I was doing so good. Life was actually turning around for me, then bam. It’s going back to bad. I feel like crap I feel worthless and nameless. I wish I knew someone on here in real life cuz I could go up to you and hug you and just let everything out without having to worry. I could really really use that now. I just want to be treated like a person… I don’t get that from many people .-. One thing is keeping me going right now because I freaking love it. But I dunno how long …


Fired again

September 16th, 2014by gadfly

I can’t seem to do it. I have adhd. I get jobs and I try hard and in the end it’s always the same. I’m not going to kill myself because I know how it would screw up my kids, but I really want to die. I thought this time would be different. I got an ADHD coach, and I worked harder than I ever have to keep everything together. I loved my work. I kept a positive attitude.


i feel so hopeless. I’m so tired of feeling defeated. What’s it like to be good at something? Yes I want to kill myself. I just can’t.


lots …