Tell me, is this true about hanging yourself??

August 21st, 2011 by LOLfailz

Ok so I’ve been reading around various online forums and, MANY people say that when you hang yourself (no neck breaking) it takes about 30 seconds to go unconcious, i agree with that because of my experiences, they also say it takes 3-4 minutes for your brain to basically die, and up to 20 minutes for your heart to stop beating. Is this true? what do you think?

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5 Responses to “Tell me, is this true about hanging yourself??”

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  1. As someone who was choked by a bully many years ago for well over a minute without passing out I doubt this to be the case. Hanging and anyway in which oxygen depravity is the means of death especially in cases where it takes a long time seems excruciating. Granted I’m no medical professional.

  2. I think you’re right.. It takes around 20 minutes to die – then about 6 minutes for your brain to completely die.. Unconsciousness is really quick though if done properly, 15seconds in my experience.

  3. englishboy, I think I screwed up LOL

  4. I want to do this method but not alone

  5. Ok. so if you want to instant kill you need to jump frome hire place when hanging yore self, this way you brace yor spine brains and die faster…

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