September 21st, 2011 by fofo83

Sometimes you don’t quite understand why is life taking you into such a dark place? Sometimes we don’t understand why all these bad things keeps on happening to us! Sometimes we don’t feel complete in the inside. Its like there’s emptiness and loneliness that each and everyone of us have. We have tried anything to fill the voids. At the end of the day you’re just hopeless, you don’t know where to go or even what to do with it. So we start cutting our self, inflict our self with such a pain. A pain the we thought was such better idea than the pain you’re feeling in the inside. We say “no one cares” “no one gives a damn about my existence” “no one will misses me if i was gone” is it TRUE? or is it just your mind play tricks on you? Is it TRUE that death is better than life? if it is, than why isn’t the world empty? why are we still able to hear people talks, cries, laughs.
If death was better than life than why are so many people striving for life? why a lot of them still believe that there will be light at the end of the tunnel? If DEATH WAS BETTER THAN LIFE, then all human being should run after it! Because…that’s not why we were created! I think we were created to rule in this life. Yes, it may not seems so great. You’re failing in your life. But who hasn’t? We all have been rejected, booed out, spit out and cussed out before. But that doesn’t mean that we are worthless, useless or meaningless. We just have to dig deep enough into our soul and find the TRUTH, THE REAL answers for our life. I used to wished DEATH upon myself. The idea of dying was more appealing to me, than living. But, then i found life. I changed my thought process. I started to appreciate things in my life, even the smallest one. WAS DEATH BETTER THAN LIFE? the answer in NO! Living is better. You just have to forgive yourself for trying to attempt DEATH, and FORGIVE those who hurts you! Those who did you wrong, those who planted the hatred seeds into your life. If you close your eyes in the quietness of your own room, you’ll be able to see things that will bring you hope in life. You would be able to life more clearly. 5 minutes of quietness will do. Once a day. Everyday.
So is DEATH BETTER THAN LIFE? my answer is NO! stop dying and start living. Life is such a wonderful thing, you just have open your eyes and seek. It was said before…”Seek and you’ll find” “Knock and the door will be open for you” “Ask and you shall receives”


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  1. This is why I love this dark blue website, seriously,
    because no matter how dark, painful, and gloomy it is (I myself love darkness too..),
    there’s always a very wise posts like this that is very mind-opening that we can NEVER get from all those oh-happy-jolly, ignorant-and-pretending-to-be-smart, and aggressive-shallow-ignorant majority of human beings out there.

    This is probably among one of the deepest (yet ironically perhaps, quite very simple concept!) posts I’ve ever read here.. I’m not exaggerating or sweet-talk BS thing.
    thank you for posting this,..really.

  2. to the OP @fofo83: if you don’t mind, can I ask for your email address? I want to able to talk & share deeper things & realities with you..or you can just say hi first to my email here: nikiwonoto (at) gmail (dot) com.

  3. I get so sick of people saying life is so great and worth living. God gave us Death as a gift and it is so peaceful with no issues or problems. Life is the curse and death is heaven. So that is my take on life. Through out my life has sucked out loud. I am now 56 and really have nothing to live for anymore. Many years ago I got very sick and felt death knocking at my door. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. If only I had allowed it I would be better. My damn wife at the time came home and took me to the hospital. I could have killed the bitch. I really wanted to die. Then I would not be going with the crap I am now. So I pray that somehow something will happen to me and I will welcome death with open arms.

  4. people strive for life is because they are scared for the unknown but death is a better more peaceful place.

    • how would you know that if you never died and come back to life to tell stories about how soothing it is? I don’t think people strive for life because they are scared of the unknown future. There is a purpose in this life that people are searching for and they strive to find that sense of purpose. There is a reason why you are here whether you realize it or not. I doesn’t matter how many people have failed you or disappointed you. Your life still have a purpose. You just have to willing to find it.

  5. @fofo83 I totally agree with you about finding a purpose to live, about there being a reason for all of us to want to live, about people being scared and unwilling to find that reason to stay alive for.
    But one thing I do have to disagree with you is that death is not soothing, death obviously is painless, peaceful, and tranquil. But that doesn’t mean death is better then life, it just means that when we die we will be at peace, we will be free from any pain we ever had, it’s just a stage in life we all will have to go through. I think that before our peaceful end we should all try to find happiness so we can be fulfilled as we one day die

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