October 31st, 2011 by BrokenSky

Every night I only wish to die. I’ve witnessed much of lifes disgusting corruption and how fate plays its game in twisted manners. I want to die because I dont know who I am anymore. I want to die because thats the only place I see comfort in. I only ask for death, nothing more. Everything has lost its taste, i cant listen to music without getting sick of it in the first 3 seconds, i cant eat well if my appetite is banished. I cant speak my mind if there isnt a point to it..my words flow with the wind, catching someones ear, but leaving it quicker than it came..
I want to die, because I have no one to smile for. I want to die because i cant seem to cry anymore. I want to die because my life has lost meaning, Death seems so innocent and sweet when you compare her to life itself. It will put me to eternal rest, where i Dont need to deal with anything anymore..thats all I can ever ask for.

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  1. This is one of those “it’s like I wrote it myself” messages. My advice is to scour the world for fun things to do. Only when there’s nothing and no one left should you consider “doing the final deed”.

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