Depression, Anxiety, and Loss of Appetite

December 26th, 2011 by TheGoodGirl

For about two weeks now I’ve experienced a loss of appetite. When I look at food, even foods I like, I have absolutely no desire to eat them. And I rarely get hungry. The thing is, I want to be able to eat. I don’t enjoy not eating. At first it was just a little annoying, nothing that even concerned me that much. I tried not to pay it any mind. That is until my mom said to me, “Your hands are so cold. Why aren’t you eating? I hope nothing is seriously wrong with you.”
That did it. She inceptioned, if you will, the idea in my mind that something was wrong with me. So I did what I do best; got myself all worked up thinking I was suffering from some debilitating disease.

I knew I couldn’t go to sleep last night until I figured it out. Naturally, I went to webmd, which by the way has this cool feature where you can click on different parts of the body to point out your symptoms and then they give you a list of possible ailments. In case you didn’t know that… Anyway, I clicked on my different “symptoms”, which led me nowhere. The results I got were stuff like; panic attack, anxiety disorders, possible rare diseases that can kill you. Not helping, I thought. Then I got the brilliant idea of just searching on the web ‘depression and loss of appetite’ since I figured that that was why I wasn’t eating in the first place.

More to the point of this post; I found this article for anyone that’s like me. It’s an interesting and relatively short read:

I tried meditation and breathing exercises and it worked momentarily. Eventually I get back to being anxious about whatever it is I get anxious about (everything).
I’ve also started taking a B Complex vitamin, supposedly it increases your metabolism and will give you your appetite back.

I had this discussion with my mom today about depression and my thoughts of suicide. Which led to lots of crying (on my part, always with the tears) and hugging and advice. It gave me a sort of epiphany. That I want to change this around. I need to change this around. If that’s even possible, by just changing small things in my life one by one. I don’t want to be depressed forever. I’m going to try to help myself for once.

Well, I feel like I’ve been a nuisance lately by making so many absurd posts on here. Most of them are pointless. Not the conversations that resulted, however. I just want everyone to know that I appreciate you taking your time to read and comment and sit through my strange thought processes. It really helps to get it out after bottling it in for so long. :]

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  1. Eat fruit, lots of it. As much as you can get down. It will detox your body and bring your appetite back within a couple of weeks, hopefully.

    You do not want malnutrition or worse. I’ve been there, sort of. You don’t become a pale wraith – what really happens is that your hair falls out and your teeth rot and then fall out. You get dark circles under your eyes which you can never get rid of. Starvation and malnutrition leave you with much worse scars than cutting because they last and are visible.

    Your posts are not absurd, they are sane-making (if there is no such expression then I gift it to you).

    • But, nothing appeals to me. I did eat dinner today. It wasn’t a lot, it was something though. I guess I could try it.
      Wait, are you telling me that that’s what happens when you starve or that’s what happened to YOU? Thanks for that mental picture, by the way. Christ, now I’m anxious again.

      Thank you. I don’t think sane-making is a word. You just invented it. :]

  2. No, it didn’t happen to me, it just almost did. Here in Ireland we have a long and absurdly proud tradition of hunger-striking. I flirted with it briefly. But I’ve seen the scars of it on a lot of people.

    Fruit is very pleasant to eat and it will flush the, er, evil out of your body. In fact, everyone should do it once a year. If you can acquire a taste for it as a snack, that’s the best way to go. My father was a binge-drinking, fry-eating temper-machine for 50 years – he’s now 75 and the only reason he survived is because he snacks on fruit.

    • Oh, okay. You scared me a little there. Why do you hunger-strike in Ireland?

      So the secret to a long life is…fruit? ahah That’s good to know. I do like fruit, just right now nothing looks good to me. I have to have conversations with my self like; “You have to eat. You like to eat. This is good. Food is good. You don’t want to starve to death.”

      Before I forget, I keep hearing this song on the radio where I’m at and I was wondering if you’d like it.

  3. Dr Dolittle, that is so random. lol Do you like the Mc Rib?

  4. Hunger striking was all that was left to the irish people in order to protest agains the tyrany of the british. many priseners of the british in ireland refused to eat nd many died, the longest lasted 74 days if i recall corectly… just thought id throw that in there

  5. Actually, as absurd as it sounds, the casual eating of fruit is indeed very good for longevity. Whether you want a long life is another matter entirely… we need you alive here… you are suicideproject’s siren.

    We hunger-strike for all sorts of silly reasons, mostly political. I had an uncle serve 20 years in prison for trying to shoot a British soldier dead, and he was on hunger strike at one point when he was in Long Kesh prison. He also has a bullet in his head, which cannot be removed. If you want to know more about it there’s plenty at youtube.

    That song is wonderully apt, and quite beautiful. Dammit, goodgirl, you’ll have me spending my funeral money on Cds. Joking aside, I like it so much I’m going to check out the band’s other songs.

    • I don’t know how long I’d wanna live. I don’t want to be old, crippled, and helpless. Speaking of sirens, since they are mermaid-like, when I was a little kid I wanted to be a mermaid. I thought I COULD become a mermaid. haha Just thought I throw that out there.

      So he didn’t actually shoot the soldier dead, and he served 20 yrs with a bullet in his head? The injustice. British bastards.
      Kidding, don’t want to offend any brits here..
      I bet you have a lot of interesting stories causeway.

      I knew you’d like it. :] They are a good band.

  6. Procel, I was thinking that was why there were hunger strikes…just thought I’d ask anyway. Didn’t want to throw out information and then seem like an idiot if I was wrong.

  7. @procel, that’s right. Don’t forget the famine either, one million dead while the English were pigging out on Irish imported grain.

  8. @causeway ur uncles a legend by any chance did he suceede in killing de cunt?
    Nd thats a download website. u can download everything from movie to cds for free if illegal lol saves money for the funeral flowers ;-)

  9. @thegoodgirl Trust me as causeway we pretty much have a hunger strike for everything so if ud given anything at all the chances are ud be right lol nd dont even get me started on the fuken famine. The one thing that irish neede to survive on fails and not only did the english not help but they continued to export our wheat and livestock ove to mainland brittan at rockbottom prices. nd i hate when comments need moderation!

  10. I’m at a healthy weight though. I’ve actually lost like 30 pounds after I decided I was done sitting on my ass all day doing nothing. So began the exercising. The only thing unhealthy about me right now is my not eating. Thanks to my crummy mental state. Fried chicken is good, though…

  11. @procel, I’ll moderate your comment. I hate that shit too.
    Are you Irish too? I didn’t know that…
    And christ, now I don’t even care about hurting some brits feelings. Not that all brits are bad and cause famine. :]

  12. @drdolittle no we just have a habit of enlighting the rest of the world to the injustice we as a race have faced lol nd cheers Goodgirl nd yup born nd raised in the lovely county clare where the only thing better than the rain is the friendly natives lol nd its the britishes own fault for getting offended they shouldnt have done it if they couldnt take getten abused over it for a couple of generations lol. I accidentilly offended a group of british lads who were over on holidays. Me and my bestmate went out with a spray can putting up anti english slogans nd Ra slogans all over th place when they walked passt. Never ran so fast :-D

    • Well, cheers, procel. Your story made me laugh. :] Question: why so many good irish lads on here?

  13. Yeah, thanks for sharing that bit of info but, I think I’ll pass. I can’t eat as it is…

  14. @drdolittle i dont mean to offend but are u high or something?

  15. I have lots of stories, not sure they’re interesting. When you’ve lived long enough you tend to collect evidence of all your worst fears and they become your anecdotes in conversation.

    There is a suicide epidemic happening in Ireland. Just a few streets away from me is a ‘suicide awareness clinic’, first time I saw it I thought it was a sex shop – discreet entrance, blinds, etc. I think suicide by other means has replaced hunger-striking, which is probly for the best as hunger-striking is tainted by politics. And, as we all know, politics is evil.

    Mermaid – Siren – Drowning; that’s quite a creative line. I think you’d like a lot of supernatural or weird fiction. There are so many things you’ve yet to discover – I envy you that. If only I had discovered Algernon Blackwood and Robert Aickman at 20. My life would have been completely different.

    You can’t combat depression unless you eat properly. It’s a weapon, use it. I am underweight, always have been, mostly because I find it aesthetically pleasing to be so. I’m quite shallow that way.

  16. No. Are you english?

  17. @causeway Man can u imagine the amount of guys that must go in there only to come straight out again embarresed as fuk lol nd i think we lost a lot of our taste for the theatrics. i mean now its just hanging or something back then they went the full hog. got to miss that level of comitment… Nd theres nothing wrong with being on drugs Doctor i was just curious lol

  18. “I’m offend by the irish people. You had your land when the peto fame in happed.
    Was not down to the english.”

    No actually. The famine was back in the 1840s – Ireland was part of the UK, after the Act of Union of 1801. Starving the Irish was like starving Yorkshire or Northumberland. Anyway, no-one holds the present English population responsible for what happened back then, and the conversation has moved on.

  19. Doctor for the sake of savility im going to egnore that comment except to say fuk off nd come down of the high. A @goodgirl my god even now me nd my best mate still crack up when we reminice bout it lol nd i dont know bout causeway but i aint no good irish lad im one of the fuk ups that make others look better by comparisen

  20. O sweet jeasus the irish had no rule that was the problem. We were impoverished nd the only thing many could afford to grow was the potatoe which for many it was their brecfast nd dinner, litteraly. when the blight came upone the crops the whole potatoe crop in the countie failed, meaning nobody had any of there own food to eat and could not afford to buy what wasnt being shipped off to the mainland

  21. Hey Ms GoodGirl,

    I really liked this insight from you Ms G ~

    ….”It gave me a sort of epiphany. That I want to change this around. I need to change this around. If that’s even possible, by just changing small things in my life one by one. I don’t want to be depressed forever. I’m going to try to help myself for once”.

    One, you evidently have a high level of self awareness. That’s a big positive.
    Two, you are showing courage in “id’ your problems and actually facing them (whatever they are. There is no time frame, just small little steps towards improving situations.
    And Three, well i ‘like friend chicken too’!! So hey, thats very positive!? isn’t it?


    In all seriousness, every can get in the dumps especially during the holidays; cheer up and worry less, but yes be courageous enough to id your troubles and ideally their origins, and work on fixing them.

    Life isn’t perfect, it was never meant to be. Rather it’s about how we face the challenges that come our way. And they will so be prepared. few are.

    Stay good missy and hope you have a lovely holiday & festive period.

    (from down under; yes its hot here over Xmas! :))

    • Hey adastra :]

      Thanks for replying and the kind words. I hope you have a lovely holiday, too.

      You’re the second australian I’ve met this week. :] I’d rather be in hot weather than this freezing cold!

  22. “Who fammed your land’s.?”

    The Irish didn’t come into possession of much of their land until the Land Purchase Act. Before that it was run by Englishmen employed by absentee landlords; and they employed locals to farm the land; the produce was removed from the country at gunpoint during the famine.

    You really need to read some history.

  23. yes they exported all the food they could, food that would have saved many of the men weomen and children that died. yet brittan sent no aid to us, they gave us nothing as people starved to death in the streets. U think suicide is hard to comitt imagine the type of death u would have if u had to watch ur family die from starvation as u urself slowly died. Before the famine the irish population was up on 8 million people and because of the amount of people that died and were forced to emigrate that number dropped to 4 million and has never recovered

  24. I like how this has turned into a history lesson. Good thing I like history.

    @Procel, If you two aren’t good irish lads, then you must be excellent fakers. Coming on here being all nice to people, spreading the love.

    @causeway, Well, I don’t know. I like stories. I think all stories are interesting. :]
    You answered my question, I guess. A suicide epidemic so severe that they set up a clinic for it? Damn.

    Maybe that’s why you’re here. Now I can find out who Algernon Blackwood and Robert Aickman are. I do love weird science fiction, though. And horror movies/stories.

    Didn’t think you were so shallow tsk tsk. :p

    Are you listening to Of Monsters and Men?

  25. Haha goodgirl i never said the two of us were usless causeway seems like a stand up person but cheers i appreciate it but its realy yer fault im so nice, reading all the stories one cannot help but be nice unless they a complete gobshite lol now thats a good song! nd doctor what u dont understand is that we were owned by england! ireland was in their eyes part of their land for all intense and purpose it was english land

  26. Dolittle, why are you instigating a fight? I’m no history major but even I know the truth…

  27. fucking moderation -_-

  28. I enjoy an argument as long as its logical nd doesnt require the repatition of a point maid previously (by causeway)

  29. I have to moderate again? Damn, I’m slow today. I can barely keep up with you guys, you’re going too fast or were…

    Yeah, don’t even bother, I think it’s going over his head.

  30. So wanting to be free, sorry can barely understand what you mean, is a thing to hate them for? You’re confusing me dolittle..


  32. Well, I love weird and supernatural fiction; so much I even write some. I’m especially fond of ghost stories, and what are termed ‘strange stories’. Aickman wrote the latter, Blackwood the former – they are the two top men in their fields, both sadly long dead. Blackwood’s work is quite easy to come by, Aickman’s much more difficult. Check out Ambrose Bierce too, he was a countryman of yours, much better than Poe but not as near well known.

    I am currently listening to their song From Finner, which is also amazing. I think they got a new fan.

    My, er, ex-girlfriend instructed me in the ways of shallowness; she was very efficient; I was practically brainwashed. A lot of it’s gone now, but some small part remains.

  33. @procel – let it go. Not worth it.

  34. cheers goodgirl ur de best lol nd Causeway i love wriying short stories, whatever pops into my head im already 2,500 words into one i started yesterday lol how ye break up?

  35. dolittle, you really are an asshole, picking on girls now, is that what you came here for? We knew you needed help, now we know what kind of help.

  36. @Procel, can you copy and paste one you wrote?

  37. If there one thing that infuriates me is someone questioning irish right to hate de british but ur right he obviously high nd doctor for fuk sake man im a man nd quite frankly that comment to good girls’s bullshit love for whats on the inside not for the outside, what the hell why is everyone so shallow(causeway u got an excuse lol)

  38. @solitarywalker coppy nd paste what? nd hi :-)

  39. @doc no im pissed because of british treatment of irish out of curiosity what are u on id love to get some? Have u seen her? nd goodgirl how old are you?

  40. For fuck’s sake dolittle, I’m not a lard ass. Jesus H. Christ, I’m not even pissed or anything but if you are from England learn your god damn native tongue. Shit.

    I’m working on responding to you guys, just give me a minute. lol
    And thanks for defending my honor.

  41. shes twenty

  42. I’m 20, not a teen. And no he hasn’t seen me unless he’s a fucking psychic or perhaps a psycho

  43. Im actually starting to crack up at the doctor lol nd goodG its what we do B-) lol twenty isnt a teen, seriously man can i have whatever ur on because it seems to rightly work

  44. DOLITTLE, you’re creeping me out. “girls are girls”? So do you like little girls now?

  45. u might want to define little he could take it as midgets nd then say yes nd that could be akward lmao :-D

  46. Lmao! Procel.. oh my god.
    I don’t trust you, dolittle….that’s the thing.
    Of course I’m a female.

  47. lol, what adventurous threads you run, goodgirl.

  48. @Procel, you said that you wrote. And jesus dolittle, people are people, it doesnt matter if they’re Irish, stop hating on them

  49. haha just saying GoddGirl i wouldnt be suprised lol nd @solitary what particular part u want to coppy im confused lol nd at this stage i getten pains in my sides reading the good doctors words they so funnily fucked lol

  50. Causeway, I’ve created a monster. lol

    Anyway, to respond to what you wrote, I’m going to look into those writers.
    Have you thought of publishing your writings?

    I like that song by them, too.

    Your ex girlfriend sounds evil…How’d you meet these women?

  51. Haha nd Causway give details cause im sick of being single ;-)

  52. never mind, the moment passed :D but i got a laugh out of it. And yeah the Doc is hilarious, as long as he isn’t creeping on me

  53. After what he wrote procel, I wouldn’t be suprised either.
    Please tell us dolittle, what drugs are you on?

  54. Sher u might as well tell me now solitary im curious!

  55. and doc when u tell us what tell us where and roughly how much… please

  56. well i while back when the comments were about sci-fi stories, you said that you wrote tales and such. I write a lot also and love a good story, so I wanted to read these stories. Now i feel like i’ve used the word stories too much. And yeah, i pretty much suck at wording, so i can be confusing

  57. Mm, Irish women, they’re like like banshees; when they’re not haunting your house they’re haunting your head – procel knows what I mean.

    I may try to publish something this year, if I get through my bad time. If not I will destroy everything.

    Time for sleep over here, good luck with the good doctor; he has excelled himself in eloquence and ignorance.

    • Oh, so I’ll have procel explain this irish women phenomena to me. lol

      I hope you can make it through your bad time, causeway. I’d hate to lose you :]

      Good night. Thanks, I’ll need it…

  58. O now im with u u wanted to me to coppy and paste the story? im stuk at the wording for the ending of it. I know exactly how it will end but articulating it just right is taking time but ya ill be more than happy to send a coppy this way if i can and if thats what u ment lol.
    Doc seriously a bit of context would be swell

  59. Is that the drug you’re on?

  60. @causeway i know exactly what u mean nd nicely summing up the doc there lol

  61. @Procel, yeah, thats what i meant

  62. Sound good I might make a seperate post for it titled Nero, just so u know what to look for?

    • Oh, yeah, procel, I listened to that Bullet for my Valentine song. I like the hardcore stuff sometimes. Curious; have you ever listened to A Day to Remember?

  63. im not sure if its GoodGirl or me that should say okay

  64. Well irish weomen in general are the farest weomen of all, just thought id get that out their first lol now i wont go fully into em cause thats causeways storie but the female race have a hbbit of nagging and hounding u if u do something wrong, even something small nd when u leave to go to the pub they still in ur head messen with it till they are all u can think about lmao ill leave the serious side to causeway lol

    • My, what a way with words you have there. lol ;]
      And about irish women nagging and hounding, not to generalize but, isn’t that all women?
      I’d like to think I’m not a naggy person though. I’m more like a guy in that way.

  65. Sher if both of ye want to read it feel free to both say ok lol funnely enough goodG the only reason i heard of these guys was because Me suicide (from this sight) recomended them. to be honest my usual bands nd artists are stuff like ramestine (German) evanescence and (shame faced) Avril lavign lol

    • lol! I love Avril! Well, I like her older stuff better. Like, her first two albums. Funny thing, I still have a poster of her in my room, had it since I was like 12. :p
      And, I used to like evanescence as well.

  66. A its true tho irish weomen are the best lol only kidding but they up there sher the galway girl is a lovely song demenstraghting that lol nd the reason i messen is because im not a hundred percent sure on the topic nd hate to ruin the story on causeway

  67. hmm im more of a broadway fan

  68. thank god a girl who dosent nag. I was losing faith lol nd i had to agree when i first listened to her new stuff i wasnt gone on it but now i love it. I find music very good to get me out of a bad mood sometimes

  69. Heathen :-p

  70. what time isit where ye are?

  71. is tht to GoodGirl?

  72. Heathen is for u Solitary with ur brodway lol the time is for both but in generall everything i say is for anyone who wishes to comment on it, it just means more to some than others ;-)

  73. lol, procel, don’t lose faith in all girls. I’m sure there are more non-naggy ones out there.
    Not sure if you’re asking me or solitary the time. Me; it’s 10 pm.

    And I still can’t get into Avril’s new stuff. No matter how many times I listen. haha
    Music is good for moods.
    I guess I could always get causeway to elaborate another time..

  74. its 10 thirty here

  75. my favourite of her new stuff goodgirl would have to be “keep holding on” nd jeasus its half three in the mornen here!

    • You know what, I lied, I actually like her new song Smile. Jeez, go to bed procel. lol

  76. her new songs just take time to get usto GG lol nd i suppose i better head, but im not tired, there again i wasent out of bed till bout two oclock this afternoon so that helps.
    To Be Continued

    • GG, haha, I kinda like that. Well you don’t have to go to bed, but that’s pretty late.
      I can’t believe what this thread turned into, my god.

  77. Im glad u like it cause writing out the whole thing isnt fun when u going as fast as u can inorder to keep up to date lol nd ya i think we all agree that the doctor id to thank for this lol

    • I totally get it. Can’t really shorten Procel though. Pro, P? What do you think?
      Yeah, the good doctor gave me some laughs I’ll cherish for years to come….
      Anyone know where he disappeared to?

  78. @everyone, lay off doolittle. He’s dyslexic, so some of the things he writes sound harsher than they should because he abbreviates too much. Also I think he has problems reading a bit. He wasn’t trying to accuse you of being fat, goodgirl. It’s just that there’s so many girls on this site who are anorexic and whine about being too fat, doolittle always tells everyone fat women are hot LOL! And procel, he wasn’t hating on the irish… he was making a (valid) point that the irish are always hating on the british. It’s all stupid history, lets move on…
    On that note procel, don’t you find it interesting that someone like you with such a vocal hate of your culture will still instinctively leap to defend your nationality to the point of offending someone elses?

  79. @googdgirl – doolittle is probably gone because everyone is slagging him off. Are you suprised?

  80. @one_day, no I’m not suprised, really. I didn’t know he was dyslexic. If I would have known that I wouldn’t have been so harsh because some of the things he said seemed very off and almost rude. At least that explains the fat women comments. Lmao.

  81. @goodgirl – he is very misunderstood and a lot of people here react very badly to him without understanding that… he really does try to help (in his own way). Anyway, that’s why I give people the benefit of the doubt.

  82. Well, at first I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. After seeing his comments around the site, I just thought he seemed a bit strange. With the way he typed. Maybe he should go around announcing his dyslexia like procel does? lol Otherwise, there was no way I could have known. Now I feel a little like a jerk.

  83. @goodgirl, I know it’s really hard to pick. He did actually put up a post once about his dyslexia. I’d picked it before though, from the way he gets certain letters mixed like I and Y. Don’t feel like a jerk though, it’s a misunderstanding that countless others have made before you. Sometimes, actually, he can be a jerk. But mostly, he’s not trying to hurt people. Just misunderstood. Like many people actaully!

  84. BTW I forgot the tell you before… lack of apetite is a common symptom of depression so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but try to eat little bits. I find it easier to eat junk like potato chips and chocolate, to give me energy and not punch my stomach in the gut like a heavy meal can. It’s really healthy but i figure it’s better to eat junk than nothing at all. And I only loose my apetite for a few days at a time. Wouldn’t want to extend this diet more than a week!

  85. “Sometimes, actually, he can be a jerk”
    Okay, yeah, that makes me feel better. lol He was being one earlier, imo though, he was like egging them on so bad.
    I must have missed that post…maybe that was before my time on here?

  86. LOL, I love chips and chocolate. Except oddly enough I don’t even want those…

  87. @goodgirl, you don’t have to want them… point is, they are easy to eat and digest! So easy to force yourself to eat! I think chocolate releases endorphins as welll

    • Ahh, thanks for pointing that out. Should have been obvious…haha

  88. That post was a while ago… he tends to delete his posts alot, which is a shame because some of them are quite funny, when he bothers with spell check and you can actually understand them. also I think he has a few different names on this site.

    • Oh okay. A few names on here? That’s also good to know. Now I know what to look out for.

  89. Jesus, I keep replying with two comments…I really need to stay up to date. lol

  90. Thank’s one-day for having my back.
    Your right i’m dyslexic. And it can be a handy cap.

  91. I was quite enjoying the bant to be honest granted i might have got carried away but i love arguing with people.@one_day i never claimed to hate my culture in fact out of all the nations im proud of being Irish, its just some people bring out an unhealthy level of patriotisim in me lol @ doctor u shouldnt delete any posts ifr people dont like them thats their problem and thy can feel free to argue over them if they want and ur dyslexia shouldnt be viewed as a handicap more as an… interesting new way of spelling :-) my flat mate takes great joy in looken over my sholdier when i writing nd laughing at some of the more… interesting mistakes i make lol

  92. Does this mean the great doc want high?

  93. *wasn’t high

  94. @Doc, sorry for picking on you yesterday.
    @Procel, Yeah, I guess that means he wasn’t high but, we can’t know that for sure. We don’t know what he does in his spare time. I mean he did randomly bring up the topic of big girl’s wearing suspenders in some porno…

  95. hahahahaha man id forgotten that one lmao doc u are a random legend i mean bringen up something like that, fare play lol

  96. Lol, oh man. Too funny.

  97. hey goodgirl, lol, what exactly was your problem again? :))

    All gone now after that bombardment of comments :))


  98. Back to the start folks you said you had no appetite ive had that problem for two years now and ive dropped from a 12size to a 6 size i think it has to do with medications and i think theyve sped up my metabolism…i alse eat probably a third of what i used to due to nausea from the meds also like you if im depressed i cant eat and just want to sleep that hasnt happened for a while now but my weight drops whenever they fiddle with my meds and quite often i have no appetite as can get around it by snacking on fruit as someone said earlier but too much and youll get the trots lol i cant bring myself to drink suppliments due to having been force fed them back in the day but you could try ensure or banana smoothys with youghurt are good hope that helps..

  99. Didn’t even realize you’d commented, molly. Well, just recently I’ve started to get my appetite back. But I’ve lost plenty of weight from not eating. And now my pants don’t fit me. lol. When I get anxious is when I really can’t eat. Sometimes if I’m too depressed I can’t eat. It’s terrible. My mood’s been better, so it’s come back. Really glad it has. lol, the trots. Ugh, I’d hate to be on meds, they make me nauseated too.

  100. I just threw out a huge bag of clothes ive lost 12.5 kgs in four years the bulk of it in the last two years i suffer anxiety too and if im stressed its like ive swallowed a flock of seagulls and nausea bloody medicine is all i can say but i have to be compliant or things get taken out of my hands…are you not on anything??lucky you- im chained to them they are starting to work though so hopefully i will put some back on heres hoping lol

  101. Hey Miss Molly,
    I think you just missed GoodGirl…it’s 3:30 am here…lol…glad I got a chance to catch you and wish you a very good morning and a better day


  102. Hi amakua sorry i went to bed and missed you bugger!!

  103. Hey Molly,
    Can never keep the time straight…are you 16 hours ahead or behind…lol…and what time and day is it there now? Hope you had a good sleep….I kept smelling BBQ all night and now i’m sooo hungry.

    What are you planning for today? hmmmm


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