fuck life , im done.

August 26th, 2012 by lostandneverfound

I don’t know who’s reading this and frankly I don’t need you to try to talk me out of killing myself , I’m done with life. I’m done with the system . Everything sucks and I have no reason to be alive . All this shit that is happening , all the crap . I’m done with it . I’m tired of living . Cutting doesn’t even help anymore . I’m just left with the scars , the painful reminders of how much life sucks . How should I go ? my thought right now is hanging but I wanna go quick and painless . No mess either . Any ideas ?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this but, Pills is painless.

  2. Well I am reading this and I am very sad that you feel so bad and low that you would leave no room for consideration to an alternative, have you considered what your death will be like or what pain it will cause the people in your life that do give a fuck about you. I think before you follow through with anything of this nature you owe to your family and friends to at least give life another fair chance. You have no real idea what lies on the other side and what if you die and awake to find it is more fucked up then what you died to escape and there is no suicide to run to there but it is an enternity. You need to change your way of thinking and live the life God intended for you, if you havent given God a fair chance you owe him and yourself that much. Think about, death from this life is eternal, but the soul never dies, and where the soul lives on is determined by our choices in this life. I love you and am praying for you.

  3. Hello there! I’m not looking to stop you but I would like to give you some comfort of friendship to maybe make your decision easier. No reason to leave this world feeling alone.

  4. Quick, painless and no mess. I don’t remember such method. I would even ask you to let me know if you find one, but unfortunately, we cannot talk about this here by the rules.

  5. i wish i could discuss this… i would love to find a good method but thats not going to happen for a while

  6. I just tryed hannging for the 3rd time… its rough.. the 2nd time i got the the point of almost blacking out and i wish i did cuz id be dead by now, i have all my arrangements,burial,will ect. taken care of, somebody said, charcole gas grill, mmm idk

  7. i’m part of the truelove/commit suicide you’re not pretty formula

  8. do you believe hell will hurt?

  9. I love you.

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