January 15th, 2006 by anon

To everyone who’s posted on this blog –

I’ve read some of the entries, and I’ll finish reading the rest once I get the time.

I’m depressed too. I was suicidal, now the thought of it gives me very little comfort.

Are we weak? I don’t know. Are we different? Perhaps. I won’t judge you.

I only know that we’ve got to love ourselves regardless of what other people and results tell us. It is so hard.

If there is one thing we’ve realised, it is that life is pointless. Nothing matters. There is no purpose behind anything.

We exist the same way a rock, or a plant, or a microbe exists. That we think and that we are smart and wonderful but doesn’t matter to the universe. The universe doesn’t think some things are more important that others. That matters only to us. We’ve got to keep believing in our beauty, because thats what we’ve got.

We’re stuck with fuckers who look down upon our existence. Who the fuck are they to judge us? They’re weak too, and they lash out, wearing the cloak of control and power. We’re all just matter and energy.

They are a cage that will not protect you, but will imprison you. The cage is useless, open the door.

But we’re fucked up. Ideas of ‘importance’ and ‘deserving’ and ‘good or bad’. Fuck it all.

I’m off to fail my exams, parents, myself and society. I’m off to fight the pain.

I don’t know the details of your lives. I don’t who you are, and what gets you off. I dont know what food you hate. I dont know what music you like. I don’t know where you sleep. I don’t know your ages, economic or social status.

Those are only layers. That doesn’t matter to me as much as the core of you matters. I care about the world you don’t want the fuckers to see. I care about the world you live in inside your mind. I love you, because I know your pain. I feel it now. Can you feel the raw power of fear? You feel the tired sadness? Then you know me, and I know you.

I love you because I can.

Hang in there, till we meet again. I love you guys for what you are, and what you could be.

There is no right or wrong. There is no absolute truth.

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