This is a poem or something i just wrote

  November 7th, 2006 by onliMe420

-In the dark sound of my room. Drowning in loneliness and silences. Myself has become numb to the tears drawn down to my face. My daily smile has fade away with pain and anger never seen before. loud sounds haunt me day and mostly night. making me fear life. pushing me to the edge of death. wanting to jump of a building to stop thought of ending what god gave me : life. Life which has become horrible for me making my everday a menu of torture and pain. Silence in my head when not knowing what to do. emptiness in my soul missing somthing that i will never have no matter how much i wish for it. uncertain of knowing what im capable of doing but suicide tries come in my thoughts.

I hate my life so much. I know this is not the greatest poem ever but its how i feel. I feel like killing myself when my parents leave the house. My boyfriend told me to go to hell and call me a ***** and all. We broke up and all that shit i hate him so much right now. So whatever. I have no friends. I wish i could just die with out hurting myself. But I gotta do what i gotta do. I hate this I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I dont believe in god his just a big phony. People tell me to pray fuck that. He not real wtf didnt he die years ago?? fucking shit just whatever.

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