the right choice

  October 16th, 2009 by bexter

Hi ive come across this site looking at suicidal thoughts ect. Ive over dosed twice but i didnt have enough tablets, then the third time i had alot of opiod medication along with sleeping tablets washed down with alcohol. It was a very very serious attempt to end my life, having sorted out my financial issues and left notes. So when i woke up three days later in hospital it was one big nitemare. 6 months on and im here again planning it, Ive saved up over 100 opiod tablets and have alcohol ready. It seems a calming thought knowing what i am planning to do. It seems the right thing to do for me . I was not like this until i became depressed due to things in my life happening that i have absolutly no control over.   I put a face on with friends and family but nobody knows thats truly going on in my head at this time.  Its good to know i am not alone in how i think. Suicide is the right choice for me. I feel at peace about it does any one else?

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