not sure anymore

  November 29th, 2009 by brannyboo

“as you look through the window all you can think about is how you messed up. you screwed up erverything and everyone. you told! you are the one who hurt everyone. even though they say you didnt, you know you are the one who did. then you try to stop hurting everyone,

you push away.

as you look back after pushing away you noticed you hurt everyone even more.

all you wanted to do was to stop all the pain in everyone else that you caused.

the worst part of all is you are the one hurt most. and people are in pain since you said something and you know its your fault for saying something, all you do is hurt more and more. you dont know what to do or where to turn. if you stay close you hurt people, and if you push away you hurt people. you just want to die. just to stop the pain all the others are in.

the fucked up part is that you dont even try to help yourself your just trying not to hurt everyone else. by the end of the day, your brused with cuts from yourself,

you look like shit because you stop eating,

and you are so depressed that all you do is think about suicide”

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