April 22nd, 2010 by searching4life

I wonder if there is any impact of me in this world.

I wonder if anybody cared for me.

I wonder if it would matter to anyone, if I am no longer here in this world.

Everyday, my mother will show how much she disapproves of me. Although I was a first class student.

I don’t understand how to cope with my working life, although it’s been 3 years that I am working. I cannot feel my value.

The only person who seems to show some care is my boyfriend, but I think my negativity is so strong that it burdens him.

And sometimes, listening to his dreams and plans, I think he has more in life than dragging along with me.

I can feel that he is tired of me sometimes.

When I am alone in the world, I have no idea who’s phone number I can dial. I have no one.

I wonder, am I really ever important?

That I think perhaps the world is better off without me.

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