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Do-gooders and religious freaks stay away and dont preach

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A new suicide method (MADE IN JAPAN!!!!) has been developed as an alternative to hanging suicide and briquette suicide (carbon monoxide gas poisoning).
You don’t have to provide rope for suicide by hanging or make a fire for suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.
It is easier than suicide by hanging or by briquette (carbon monoxide gas poisoning).

Only mix 2 kinds of liquids those you can buy at drugstore or at gardening corner of homecenter.
[Hydrogen sulfide GAS] is a potent POISON GAS more than carbon monoxide gas, occur more quickly.
* It is sometimes misunderstanded with “chlorine gas”,but it is [Hydrogen sulfide GAS],more potently. *
You can lose your senses in a second ( KNOCK DOWN : Painless!! ) if you inhale [high concentration hydrogen sulfide GAS] over 1000ppm!!!!
You can’t “Knock Down” with “chlorine gas”!

Strong Acid + Calcium Polysulfides solution(Pesticides) = Hydrogen sulfide (H2Sgas)

* If in a bathroom or a car,enough with each 2 litters (about half gallon).
* You can use sulfuric acid of a car battery as strong acid, and you can use a pesticide lime sulfur as calcium polysulfides.

It reachs a fatal concentration over 1000ppm quickly.
(Please mix in a vessel, such as buckets)

Acid Sources
Lysol(R) Ready to Use Disinfectant (4-8 percent citric and hydroxyacetic acid)
Lysol(R) Toilet Bowl Cleaner (9.5 percent HCl)
Sno Bol(R) Toilet Cleaner (15 percent HCl)
**The Works(R) Toilet Bowl Cleaner (15-25 percent HCl)** coooooooooool!!!!!!!!
Blu-Lite(R) Germicidal Acid Bowl Cleaner (20.5 percent phosphoric acid)
Kaboom(R) Shower, Tub, and Tile Cleaner (5-7 percent urea-monohydrochloric acid)
Tile, stone cleaners (1-30 percent HCl)

Sulfur Sources
Artist oil paints (0-15 percent zinc sulfide)
Dandruff shampoos (1.0 percent selenium sulfide)
**Pesticides (5-30 percent calcium polysulfides)** coooooooooool!!!!!!!!
Spackling paste (1-2 percent zinc sulfide)
Some latex paints (6.6 percent zinc sulfide)
Garden fungicides (5-90 percent sulfur)

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