A dream without pain

  September 8th, 2011 by SuicideThoughts

Don’t you just wish you could live without all the pain? Without all the tears? Without all the broken hearts and heavy fears? Life is so difficult, and I will never have the guts to commit suicide. I’m just gonna spend my whole life in misery, wondering why I can’t just be happy like my far-away friends, watching them all grow up, get married, have a reason to live, bur not me. I’m just a side-friend that no one pays attention to. Because that’s the truth. No one wants me, no one will. Just an empty life wishing I had some reason to live, but I don’t. There’s so many reasons I have to kill myself, but I know I never will. I want to find a way out of this agony, i cant do this on my own. I’m too dependent. Until someone lends me a hand and pulls me out, I’ll be stuck in this hole as long as I live. I want someone to protect me and hold me, just to love me. That’s all I want. Maybe I’ll find that someday, but then again, that’s just another dream.

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