Just a quick little note i wrote to someone </3

  September 6th, 2011 by Mahnoodle_TFB

I miss u, but u cant see tht.. u wer always there for me but i pushed u away.. this is my deat sentace talking for da last time.. i miss u and theres nothing i can do right now.. i need u right now more than anything.. ur the only one tht would no wat to do at this point :'( i miss and love u and i hope one day in the futer well come back to me and well be friends just like we use to be.. just me u and asia.. ill be married to my girl.. and ull be married to ur guy and well look after each other always… well both wink at each other cuz we know tht no one can ruin wat we can have ever again… i love you sophie.. and for now i dnt no wer u are.. so i just have to break my heart and say RIP </3

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