Suicide As Self-Defense

  October 14th, 2011 by Pittsburgh

It is my conclusion that other people want only to use me. So I am withdrawing the availability of my talent from this world. No deal.

When I jump off the high-rise, it will be in self-defense. I will no longer allow myself to be exploited in this life. There will be nothing to hinder me in death.

I don’t give a fuck who it hurts. I don’t give a fuck about the people cleaning up the mess.

In fact, I hope it does hurt people. If I could do it multiple times, that would be my primary reason for it.

I’m done with this festering pissbucket of crime, poverty, and traffic. This place sucks. I’m not impressed. By anything, anywhere. I don’t agree to the terms. I’m leaving.

The reason so many people are against suicide is because they’re not done using you yet. Fuck that.

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