take me away

  October 29th, 2011 by hattie

i tried to stay away.

i tried not to come here.

theres no where else i can vent.

theres no one else i can talk to.

theres nobody to trust.

i never knew there could be this much hate.

i never knew i could hate people or a place so much.

that anywhere could make you hate yourself this much or feel this bad.

i never knew i had so many tears in my eyes. that so many tears could drop.

i wish i had never come into this world.

they took everything i had and made it worse

no thing, is better because of them.

and all i hope; is that when i leave this place, i can find it in my self to burn all the memories i hold

and wash it away like a stain on a sweater

spinning away every piece that remains.

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