happy birthday.

  November 17th, 2011 by evildandelions

So it was my 21st birthday.  At least I can now buy all the alcohol I want/need.  We went to the only club that played industrial music on a wednesday night.  It was a nice place, K___ would have loved it.  But no one talked to me.  Of course, maybe hanging out with people several decades older than you doesn’t really help.  But still, I was totally hoping to get laid.

Of course, I’m not sure if my desire to get laid is mostly out of desire for sex or simply desire for any kind of social interaction.  I find myself wishing that my pet rat could talk.  Maybe she’d be my friend.

I think I’ve been experiencing derealization.  I go to school and as I walk to class through the crowd of students I feel like I’m expericing deja vu of an experience that has never happened. I feel a kind of seperateness between me and everything else.  I feel spacey and almost confused, although that could possibly be because I haven’t medicated my ADD for like a month.

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