No matter what!

  November 26th, 2011 by prettypessimistc

Well I’m sure no will comment or anything but here are my thoughts on why I would like to end my life. Basically I hate everything about my life, there;s nothing to like at all.I’m not even kidding. I’m not pretty, smart, amazing or anything. Not even my friends think so. The only thing I have is a pretty good sense of humor. I’m convinced I will be alone the rest of my life and strangely (if I live the rest my life that is) I accept it because I can see why no one would even want me. I really hate people, main reason why I dont see life worthy of living, they are the same selfish bastards. I sorta feel like a failure. Anyway I cannot fathom why the hell I’m here on earth anyway. Like I’m about as insignificant as you can get. I dont mean anything to anyone. no kidding. I’ve sorta decided that I’m gonna end my life someday but I’m waiting to turn 17 to do it. Just to see how thing go for me. but I feel that no matter what happens I’m most likely gonna end my life whether I’m 17 or 27, I know I’ll never be happy or content.  The sad thing is I’ll never get to go to heaven and ask God all those questions I have. I’m going to hell I’m not a good peron not particularly evil but not good enough to go to heaven.  Honestly, the idea of dying brings me so much comfort and literally bring me peace for a while. The idea of not living anymore makes me happy. And the thing is I dont want anyone to try and “help” and shit. Nothing will work on me. I’m hoping that when I do my life goes to someone who actually wants it like a kid with cancer or something. They deserve more then I do.

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