I want a shocking suicide.

  December 5th, 2011 by GiannaGanja

I’ve tried comiting suicide 4 times. Most times I tried to bleed out. Then I tried to OD. But now I’m thinking about it. I want to really leave those assholes a mess to clean. I want my body to look like a rotting zombie by the time I’m done with myself. I’m thinking of slicing my arms up again. And cutting my neck as deep as my knife will let me. If i haven’t bled out from there I’m going to cut my ex fiancée’s name into my stomach. And finally write my suicide note I’m my own blood. Something awesome that will make my mother cry. Like “I’m dead” or “tell Patrick” or “sorry for getting blood everywhere” or “burn a church”
Then end it all with a gun blow to the forehead. So half my face is normal and the other half is GONE. And during all this I’ll have corpse paint on. I’m an evil fuck
They better take pictures

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