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by chrissie

I’m not on here because I would ever kill myself..no way..no how. Ive just experience a lot of death..ive experience friends who have..ive not had any insight in why they’ve left on their own free will. Some people in jails or institutions don’t feel like they have anything to live for..I understand..they’ve done a horrible crime but God can change anyone so maybe God asked them to be with him. I can accept that but don’t ever kill yourself unless you are absolutely in your damn right mind! How do you know if its really God telling you to do it? I don’t think he would ever do that..we don’t know though unless someone speaks out or until we ask God in heaven. I’m going to say this again..I’m not here because I want to die..sure I have no fear in being with my heavenly father but I don’t care how bad it gets..I’m not leaving unless something tragic happens to me or God calls me. Sure I had babies before I knew I was going to die..I had babies unplanned by myself. I no longer can have anymore. I’m thankful for what I do have as everyone should. I’m not a whore cause I didn’t plan on having kids..I’m just blessed to have them until they leave my side. My kids mean more to me than anything in this world..I hope you know that someone, somewhere thinks that of you too!

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