The Assassin 

July 11th, 2012by RogueShadow1281

This is a Story I just began. I write war stories and some weite poems and other stuff like that tell me if you likw it. Iit involves society and its problems sort of.




He sat in the corner of the hotel room. He had all the lights off. The view outside was of a world torn in pieces. Man went back to war and killed each other. Riots in the streets and no one was safe.

He thought about his old home. Now a wrecked black scorched skeleton of the home he knew. He remembered the bloodstained walls as he walked for the last time through its halls and towards the sound of something getting dragged across the floor.
He saw a streak of blood from his parents bedroom to the backyard. He followed it and the sounds of dragging came closer. He ended up to a door and as he pushed it open a bright light blinded him…
Nate awoke in the same corner, sprawled on the floor as he heard a few knocks on the door before a keycard sliding and the door opening. A maid walked in with cleaning supplies and smiled apologetically at him fir intruding.
She immediately said sorry and walked out without him being able to tell her anything. He stared at the door for a good minute and then got dressed and left his room with a backpack filled with metal objects.
He walked on the outskirts of the city in a desert and watched mini dust storms float along the Mojave desert. He looked back at the shining neon lights of Las Vegas and looked at how much it changed. He remembered there was no barbed wire fences that you had to get over or soldiers posted at every entrance.
Ever since WWIII, things have gone to shit. People have been at war with each other. Everything went to anarchy and some towns have closed up their gates and controlled their own cities with mercs hired to keep the peace.
He opened his pack and removed the contents and began assembling weapons out of it. He was sent to the hotel to sleep there and take the weapons. He assembled a rifle and a scope on top. It was an XM2010 sniper rifle and used 7.62mm rounds and was a bolt-action rifle.
He added a silencer and began adjusting the scope for a target in one of the nearby buildings. Once he was ready, he unfolded the bipod and aimed the rifle.
A half hour passed and he waited in the same position drinking put of a canteen and waiting for his target. He didn’t care who the man was but he was russian. He never hated russians but didn’t care if he had to kill one.
The man was obviously a rich man and spent much time gambling as he was never late and had a tight schedule. Nate saw the man enter his line of sight with what appeared to be a prostitute. He remembered reading the man was married. Now he was certain the man was no good.
He aimed his rifle at the man as he removed her clothes. She kept getting in the way of the shot, but Nate was an experienced sniper. He saw the Russian begin removing his suit. As soon as he was in his birthday suit, he grabbed the woman and fell on the bed.
The Russian died before he hit the bed. There was a small hole in the window and the wall was sprayed with blood and bits of his brain littered the wall and floor. That maid had a great big mess to clean.
Nate grabbed his rifle and took it apart. Then he sent a message on his phone and received a message that the money was in an offshore account all prepped for him. He could have swore he could hear a shrill shriek from the prostitute as she found her rich lover’s brains and blood covering her new dress. Fucking greedy pigs…
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