My mother told me to die.

January 5th, 2014by Dynna

Hey guys.. My name’s Dynna and I am a gamer girl ever since I’m 10.

My dad is fine with this fact and he understands me as my personality is very similar to his. He knows I’m crazy for drawing and playing video games and tried to give space for my activity as long as I helped with chores. My mother, however, does not. She doesn’t understand me. She always thought that a lady have to be proper lady. I hate expansive blouses. I hate dresses and I hate handbags. They’re a handful for me.

Today, I was playing a shooting game called Freefall Tournament with my little sister. Then my mother, like usual asked me to help with the weeds and fertilizer in the garden. I did everything she told and then I went to play my games. After that she asked me to water the plants. I asked her nicely if I could water them at night and she approved. So I aimed to water the plants as agreed. Out of nowhere she yelled at me and forced me to water the plants and I argued with her,  saying it’s hot outside and I have always. Yes, ALWAYS,  water them at night cause it’s colder. Out of nowhere she cursed me, saying I’m a lazy ***** and telling me to go and die.  I was stunned..

How could she said such a terrible thing to me.. I’m going back to college on Wednesday and she told me to die! I don’t mind her scolding me but to tell me to die..?

Do I want to live any longer? I don’t know.. I love my mother. . I hope that she would regret what she said. I don’t mind if she doesn’t want to apologise,  but I want her to know I love her.. and I want her to love me back.. that’s all that I need. .

I don’t know how to tell her about this.  So I just want to share my story that had me killed deep inside. .

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