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Just One Slice On The Throat

by justonemorecut

Maybe just one slice on the throat will do the trick?
I can’t take it anymore I have lost everything my friends do not care my parents do not care the government does not care. I have taken so much for my age. I have been through so much that most people would feel the same. I think maybe I should just end it all right now. I should just take my blade and cut my throat and let the tarp catch my blood so I don’t leave another chaotic mess for my parents, all they care about is money I have put to much stress on my mother that she’s about to have a heart attack, I cant help but feel alone, I have wrote stories to my teachers that they think is just a story, I have drawn pictures of my feelings one is where I’m sitting in a dark room in a corner and I’m resting my arms on my knees crying and at the bottom of the picture I wrote don’t let the dark tear you apart, my art teacher thought it was a good picture and didn’t realize that is was about me I have reached out for help and all I get are people telling me its gonna get better but in what way is it, all I have done is try to make friends and have a good life but everything is falling apart its like an avalanche the snow falls and never goes back up that’s how my life is going, so I think to my self when I chew on my blade cutting my mouth open maybe I should take it and just rip it across my throat, let myself suffocate and bleed out, no one will care, no one will know, I’m just like any other person that passes away I will be talked about for a little while but after that everyone will just forget about me and act like I wasn’t there, I think yea that how they think anyway I’m not popular, I’m not special I’m just a kid that some people know in the world of billions. Now while writing this I have thought a little should I end it and be some one everyone forgets or should I get myself out there and let people know who I am and that I’m a good person and that I’m one of the kindest guys you will ever meet and that I pushed through this pain and I fought my way till the end, now I hope I make a break through to some people hopefully more then I think, but yet I’m not a writer. I have mistakes in here, but i just want to make a difference and let people know that the name Mason a 16 year old has chose to let him self out of the dark and share his feelings so thank you for reading this, if i don’t repost that means it’s the end so thank you again.

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r 8/7/2016 - 6:22 pm

No one gets remembered for being kind and pushing through their own life. If you’re gonna go out, do it with a bang and make sure everyone knows exactly why. Then you’ll be remembered.

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