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by falling_soup

Best friends, that is an overused word to describe a friendship, a best friend is a once in a lifetime connection that isn’t romantic, it is someone you can call at 2 a.m crying and will tell you it’s going to be okay. cliche I know, but let me honest with you right here right now, he is my best friend, he is the one person in my life that I have had the most ups and downs in such a short period amount of time, but the most happiest times of my life. (I can watch him rock out to guitar hero and type this post) This friendship between him and I is irreplaceable. Somedays I am guilty of believing that it is just replaceable and won’t last forever.. I see what a true friend he is, I see the way he connects to his other friends (as jealous as it makes me to know I have known him for much shorter of time than him)  I see that he cares to a great lengths about his friends, I may not have the best friend title in his book but he is my best friend to me, it gives me great heartache to see him in pain, he suffers from a lot of the same things I do and it makes me feel a little less different. I feel very connected to him, he and I may have only known each other for 5 weeks and counting it seems so much longer, it seems like I just made a friend for life, someone who will NEVER give up on me and someone I will NEVER give up on. He was there through a lot of my darkest days these past few weeks, he has been the rock in my life, the one person who I know will be my shinning north star, I know I am a burden or a responsibility at sometimes but he stays because he cares and wants to see my thrive, he wants the best for me and I want whats best for him too, in fact we sometimes will put each other first before ourselves. We seem to have a really good connection together and work well together, it breaks my heart when we fight and when we don’t get along but I know of course all relationships have their ups and downs. I love my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him. I try to stay strong for him even when I don’t think that I will make it through the day with out hurting myself. I love him, he is my best friend, in my book somedays on the darkest or even the brightest days having your best friend by your side is the greatest gift of all.


Love Always,




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Oathkeeper 9/18/2016 - 11:59 pm

How right you are…

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