i miss you

  September 5th, 2016 by death bunny

i hope you’re doing well.

we haven’t talked for just two days and i’m a mess. i try not to think of you but when i do my heart fill up with black stuff. you haunt me.
i wonder where you are. i hope you are not in the hospital. if i learned something from our three year relationship is that nothing can be expected.
but why aren’t you contacting me? is it because you want to give me some time alone, or you just don’t care anymore? i miss you. and i know you miss me too. but i know that if i’ll contact you something bad will happen to us. this is just a way for me to roll the dice, see where we land next. maybe you do the same. maybe we will learn to appreciate one another in distance.

i hope you’re doing well, and i love you.

goodnight, my love.

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