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Got bored, and wrote a short piece. Someone may find it interesting, so I posted it.

by zZNo LuvZz


We reign over Earth as dictators, slaughtering any organism that gets in our way.  We rightfully take claim to all corners of the globe, without consideration or understanding for the previous owners.  We value a human life, and marvel in it for all it’s worth, while dismissing others and deeming them inferior.  We are, and forever will be, the gods of this planet…..but are we the divine entities we’ve professed to be?  Or are we ignorantly self-assured?  This kingdom we self righteously conquered to take claim over, Earth, is extremely minuscule; being just one of many planets in the solar system.  We arrogantly declared this tiny island to be ours, only to realize how small it truly is.  From our perspective, the solar system was immense, until we learned that this was just one of countless others.  Then we discovered all these innumerable objects combine to form a single galaxy, but even this colossal giant is just one of over 100 billion.  This means there are more galaxies in the universe, than there are individual grains of sand on every beach, worldwide.  We are nothing more then a speck of dust floating through the universe.  Too small to be noticeable, but not small enough to be nonexistent.   Despite all this, we continue to assertively proclaim ourselves as predominate, and mighty.  We boast of our accomplishments, brag of our intelligence, and constantly indulge ourselves in our own self satisfaction.  We will always believe we’re exceptional in every single way, shape, or form…..and that’s because we are.

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