Magic Missile

December 19th, 2016by shatterediris

*Blam* ouch that hurt *Blam, Blam, Blam, BLAMMMMM* stop hitting me with magic missiles…. that’s a really mean thing to do…. Fuck you…. -_- What is wrong with me? I don’t know, nobody seems to know that…. So yeah life is interesting for me…. As you’ve seen from my post a few days ago I got into a fight with my friend and then let them stay over for the night (something I never allow) so they are still kind of my friend…. But I still feel they are upset with me, they did not take me to a place they were planning to before, which is understandable due to the situation…. However it is quite upsetting that they brought somebody who is arguably on worse terms with them than I am, a person that they seem to dislike more than me…. Because they couldn’t find anybody else to go with them (other than me) their excuse was that I looked tired (which no shit I looked tired I didn’t sleep because they were over and that was too stressful to allow me to sleep) so they told me to drive home…. You know instead of offering me a place to sleep or something…. meh whatever…. It’s fine I deserve it…. And grrrrr my father may be coming over today or tomorrow, which could mess with things (like my weekly pathfinder sessions) I kind of hate that, I kind of hate not knowing when/if he could show up…. I can’t do things when he’s around, because reasons…. And it’s 5am almost now and I still havent’ slept and I can’t be sleeping when he comes over because then he’ll ***** and he could be over as early as 11am and I should shower too, and I have a thing I kind of want to take care of now for some reason…. Gah, I fucking hate this…. and yesterday and the day before (friday-saturday) I also did not has internets which sucked, nor did I has cable…. so I was alone and had nothing to do…. Luckily I grew a brain and used my phone as a hotspot to talk to people on Skype, so I did not end up cutting myself…. So that’s good ^_^

and today was spent making small reference cards for a sorcerer I’m playing currently…. that distracted me for awhile, I have no idea why I made them I has these things memorized, but I like to double check…. Now that second check will be easier and faster, I’m sure I will oftentimes triple check still…. Oh and I talked to my person for a little bit today, so that’s also good 😀 I’ve missed them a lot, and the last time I spoke to them before that was on Friday at about 5pm….. and then talked to them earlier this evening (well yesterday technically Sunday at 11:30 PM) for about an hour before they went to bed (at about 1am today) so actually an hour and a half, still not enough time…. I never get to see them enough…. I still have not been productive for a long time or really done anything other than talk to people or wait for people to talk to…. Oh yeah my favorite person (other than my person person) is in town this week, so I will get to see them this week which will be very nice ^_^ I am quite happy about that yay….. ^_^

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