Please Help.

December 26th, 2016by alex71

I have hit a dead end. I don’t have the strength. I have been crying recently so much, my eyes look like as if I am having an allergic reaction. In a nutshell I have authoritarian racist judgmental parents that abuse me verbally, even at the age of 19; I finally found my soulmate but instead of being happy I have doubts in my head and he can be mean sometimes; I hate myself, I have zero confidence, I believe I am worthless and that no one cares about me. For the first time ever I cut my leg twice within the past months.  I don’t have the strength to type everything out thats in my heart but all I know is that I feel like drowning myself. I just want to be the old me again, happy and not overthinking. Most of the time I feel empty.

Please help, crying all the time hurts my chest and head.

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