The Lake

December 12th, 2016by Jess765

One hour till midnight

The surrounding air is cold

Two unmoving eyes peer from beneath

Frozen ripples crash and fold

Late in the frigid night

The sun will never break

My heart beats no longer

Underneath the lake

You were as morning fog

In time you disappeared

When I woke to embrace you

You were nowhere near

Blackened is the night

The sun will never break

I draw no more air

Underneath the lake

I keep calling your name out loud

Running through the snowy wood

I grow evermore fearful

I did not do all that I could

Damned be the fleeting night

The sun will never break

I shed no more tears

Underneath the lake

The end shown its wicked face

A scream was never heard

In a few hopeless moments

There were no other words

Sinking in the voiceless night

The sun would never break

My heart has stopped beating

Underneath the lake


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