An hair of liberty..?

January 10th, 2017by missingLink

This may seem like a strange question but it’s something I have been pondering and toying with over the years and I just wondered if anyone here does or ever has a shaved head? Stay with me here..
My mum shaved hair in the early 90’s and she looked beautiful like Sinead O’Connor but this is not so much a question of vanity or aesthetics, I would like to know what people experienced/ felt/ thought during and after having it shaved; did they feel liberated, cleansed, reborn? It may sound silly but its yet another thing that I fantasize doing and cannot quite bring myself to actually do it (yet). I have long hair and have done since adulthood although a few years a go I shaved the side and it has grown back. I’ve often thought about longingly as if perhaps the act could be therapeutic and afterwards I may feel different; empowered, more strong, liberated and cleansed like a fresh start you know? Then again maybe I just sound ridiculous.. It is just hair after all.. I dye mine frequently and yes it makes me feel good temporarily but inside I am still just the same rotten out person and I guess I cannot ever escape that..

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