stopping the stigma on mental illness or suicide prevention?

January 7th, 2017by beautifulsinner

every person on this planet has problems. issues of their own that they wish werent existent in their lives. some have bigger problems than others, but we shouldnt be allowed to dismiss other peoples problems just because they dont seem “big enough”. big or small, problems are problems, and my question is; why do we have to feel guilty about feeling emotion over issues that seem irrelevant.

we should be allowed to feel however we want to feel. a major problem to someone, might be considered a minor one to another. but we shouldnt be allowed to judge people based on that. emotions are something i dont think we can control, so why should we feel like we need to hide them as much as possible?

i guess this is where some of the stigma on mental illness comes from; our inability to be accepting of our emotions. i mean for myself, i suffer from depression and anxiety. and for some reason, people think that because my life seems picture perfect on the outside, things are perfect on the inside too. but we are all different, and i hate how people think i dont have a reason to be depressed, or im making this shit up for attention. i shouldnt need a reason to justify my illness, it should just be accepted. accepted just like how a physical illness is. i shouldnt have to feel shame that ive spent 6 weeks in a psych ward. i shouldnt have to feel shame that i wake up every day wanting to die. i shouldnt feel shame that i tried to kill myself. suicide is a public health concern, not just some attention seeking cry.

someone will always have it better, and someone will always have it worse, but it is what it is. mental illness is funny in the sense that it affects people at random.

in my country, its suicide prevention month. people are posting all over social media about suicide prevention, trying to seem like theyre “accepting” and “want to help” those in crisis. but what i think most of these people are missing, is the fact that most people who die by suicide usually have a mental illness. and suicide cant be prevented without first treating the persons mental illness. so i think instead of saying we want to prevent suicide, we should say we want to stop the stigma on mental illness so that more people can get treated without feeling ashamed of themselves.

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