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Leaving me Alone

by brxken._.lxcks

So, yesterday night my mom had to go out to a class, and my dad had to go out to take my brother to his basketball. My dad told my mom that I could stay home alone so I could do my homework. Right after he said that she went pale and her eyes almost popped out of her head, almost having a panic attack about him wanting him to leave me alone. If she doesn’t leave me alone, the how am I going to show that I can be trusted to be alone at least for an hour? I couldn’t stay alone, I had to go to my brother’s game, so I couldn’t really do any homework. I went to sleep later than I have been going to sleep lately. So today I really feel like cutting, and not eating anything at all.


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SeeSmith 2/15/2017 - 8:37 am

Yeah that sucks. Trust isn’t a switch you can flip on, so you are going to have to be patient with your parents.

EvilOni22 2/15/2017 - 10:38 am

Trust is typically earned and not just given. It almost is like a switch when Turing it off if seams, but not when turning it back on. One step at a time. Lil by lil earn their trust in smaller ways and build up to the bigger things.

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