Valentines Day? Of Course to remind myself that im single

  February 14th, 2017 by sadlife958

How many of you are annoyed like me upon this day?

I was at Starbucks and ofcourse only I was the one who came “single” in line and who sat alone I’m 26 and a lot of you know that I’ve been single my whole life. Everyone around me seemed to have someone to whom they belong.  Me no-one ofcourse. I saw this cool guy smiling and walking in with flowers in his hand I’m like WTF how do you guys do it?

I’m tired of watching the cool people get everything they want with ease and no trouble.

If I only had a “girlfriend” geez she would live like no other I would have flowers gifts all of it but of course if it was someone who I am serious with. Wait all my life I’ve been serious in meeting a serious girl IDK how things got lonely for me for this long. Ahhh


Today My Co worker comes up to me laughing and says “hey what you doing for Valentine’s Day?”

I say to him calmy with a annoying giggling smerk “None of your fuckin business man I know where your trying to get at, just go away right now”

He goes “ahhh what’s wrong why you no go out with a girl instead you probably stay home and play the game and watch the kids show”

It doesn’t bother me and he can be nice sometimes he’s the very few I associate with and he doesn’t speak good English so I laugh at him back.






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