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New to the site

by TrIeD2mAnYtImEs

I’m a 37 year old recently divorced recently homeless recently incarcerated recently fired bipolar schizo affective civil engineer. I’ve been searching through the internet, found this site and signed up today. The posts I’ve read today helped me through my depression that i face for about 40-70% of each day. I had a rough childhood and had my first suicidal thoughts at 13. I fought it for ten years and took an attempt on my life at 23 (pills)…things just got harder. I tried a few more times slit wrists, pyschotropic pills and electrocution. Any thoughts or information on how to navigate the site would be cool.


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SadPotato 3/3/2017 - 2:59 am

Welcome to SP. I hope this site can help you even further. On navigation advice, this site is quite simple. There’s basically two ways that you can access posts. The first, and obvious, option is just browsing through the site. The second is the dashboard, which you can access at the top left corner of your screen, on the suicide project tab. Next to that, on its right, is an icon for seeing all comments. However, that is unfortunately broken, or for me and quite a few others it is at least. To bypass that, you can go on the dashboard and click on “comments in moderation”. From there you’ll be able to see all the comments. Anyway, like I said this site’s design is relatively simple and it seems that you’ve mastered posting, so I think you’re set.

TrIeD2mAnYtImEs 3/3/2017 - 2:33 pm

Thanks…i hope everything is good with you…life is hard and im trying to get back on my feet as well…

SadPotato 3/3/2017 - 3:48 pm

No problem. Considering everything, I guess things can be worse. But thank you for saying that. That is true, life can definitely get extremely tough, and it’s good to hear that you’re trying to get back on your feet. Good luck with that.

ishouldbelonggone 3/6/2017 - 5:02 am

Where you from bud? If you want to share

TrIeD2mAnYtImEs 3/6/2017 - 6:43 pm

I’m from New York and currently displaced in Arizona for about another week. Tried to make it out here cuz i wasn’t getting support at home. My health failed me and i ended up getting in some trouble in AZ. How bout you?

ishouldbelonggone 3/16/2017 - 5:34 am

I’m from New Zealand would you believe I was in Arizona a month ago

TrIeD2mAnYtImEs 3/16/2017 - 2:43 pm

Ooo yeah what were you doing in Arizona? How’d you like it?

soberup 3/12/2017 - 1:13 pm

this sound awful, so sorry to hear you’re going through this

it sounds like you could make a change for the better in terms of your job, apologies if this is not the case, but i’m glad you’ve gotten experience in the engineering field

very sorry to hear about your childhood.

hope i haven’t offended you

TrIeD2mAnYtImEs 3/12/2017 - 8:24 pm

Thank you for your concern. Things are getting better now that I’m on the right meds and I’m doing what I have to do to get back on my feet. I hope all is well with you.

Timel3ssDecay 3/16/2017 - 6:00 am

Do you enjoy your job as a civil engineer?

TrIeD2mAnYtImEs 3/16/2017 - 2:45 pm

It’s cool, but can be stressful…4-5 projects at a time. I’m looking for a job right now. What do you do?

SheLeftHerMark 4/25/2017 - 5:11 pm

I’m so sorry you’re divorced.
My husband wants a divorce and it may be what finally gets me to go.
Welcome. I hope you’re feeling ok today.

TrIeD2mAnYtImEs 4/26/2017 - 12:39 pm

Thank you for your sympathy. The divorce is ok…my wife and I went through therapy and books, but it just wasn’t meant to be.
I hope you don’t let a divorce with your husband drive you over the edge. I’m sure you’re beautiful and have a lot of men who would be suitable replacements.
I’m doing pretty good, back in New York and on the job search. I hope you’re doing well, and if things don’t work out with your husband…move on and find happiness with the proper man.

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