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Everything is different but some how I still feel the same

by alina_01

3 years ago I was heart broken and sad beyond all reason. I threw myself into school and got lost in trying to be successful. I worked harder than I ever have and in 4 days I will finally be graduating with a bachelors of science. I made it, can you believe it?! Me!! I did this, I’m going to be starting a career soon. I feel relief and joy because this was the ultimate goal and I have accomplished it. Everything is different now in comparison to how it once was and yet deep down I still feel the same. I don’t have anyone that I would really care to share this day with and my family is already wanting to celebrate mothers day on my graduation day. We agreed that today we would celebrate mothers day and on Sunday it would be my day. I feel selfish but is it truly so wrong to have a day where it is about me? I worked so hard for this, I suffered for this I feel like I deserve to have the day be about that. And I guess I’ve just been really sensitive and emotional lately and it irritates me. I feel as though things feel the same even though things are different if that makes sense.

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Chip 5/10/2017 - 3:26 pm

Wow. Congratulations! Sounds like you deserve a day of your own. . .

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