I hate Teachers

May 21st, 2017by BlueDiamond

Why does my manager makes me with this girl? Every few minutes that I show to help her to do work, she disappears as though she doesn’t like me, and I know that she isn’t lazy. She doesn’t have to like me, in fact the purpose of having a job is to work, and pretend you’re a team. Isn’t like I’m standing there and her chatting up. Oh well, she left me with her red marker that she was working with, so I took it. I wanted to chunked the damn thing, but instead I left it by the computer. Doubt that did her any harm. Maybe she’ll have to look for it. Isn’t like the store has more red markers. I can hear it now for the general people, OMG you’re so mean! Sure, and no one would bat an eye if this same thing happened to me, they would be like you deserve it. God, and people wonder why I don’t bother.

So I once said that I hate men and managers. I been thinking and decided to add teachers to the list. Now some teachers are the exception. I haven’t e-mailed her yet. I especially hate grade school teachers because they lie to you about life, while filling your brain up with useless garbage that you’ll forget after you leave high school.

I remember those posters that said the more you learn the more you earn. Those sayings or they make it sound like that, “You’re so lucky that you get an education.” “Get that college degree, with an education you can do anything.”

To be fair, teachers never encouraged me specify to go to college, but I guess they didn’t need to because I already following the herd. I remember getting those honor roll awards with the other students, but I’ve learned that grades only show what a well-trained dog you are. In no means do they fully prove that you’re intelligent. If I could do it all over again. I would have gotten an GED, maybe went to community college.

Teachers lie about the real world, while teaching you nothing about it. They don’t explain the workforce to you, how it’s like being in high school again. Nope, you’re told that it gets better when you get older. Those cliques dissolve right after high school, people mature. Everything after school is all pink fluffy unicorns. When in reality, there are people wishing to be back in high school. Lets go back in time farther. I remember being told that we’re all special, or you can be anything if you put your mind to it. No, we not all special, most are just cogs in the machine. Can I fly, if I put my mind to it? Yeah, I ain’t getting off the ground anytime soon.

You have the college professors who indoctrinate students with their Marxist agenda. I never suffered this at my University, but somehow got in trouble for glaring repeatedly at a clock, or packing up too early. Oooh, I’m so bad. Apparently at my university, professors didn’t like it if you look at the clock for too long, but if they don’t like it, why do they have a clock in the classroom?

What did teachers give us in our time period? Special snowflakes and ANIFTA. In the future, colleges may have to close because people will be going to them less because college degrees are useless. In fact, the whole school system needs to be reformed, but that isn’t going to happen in the future because the government doesn’t care. Everything may not be teacher’s fault, but I know that they did help.

No wonder, homeschooling is on the rise. I pretty sure that some uneducated rednecks could do a better job, then sucky employees we call teachers.

I feel like I could have written this post better, but I feel out of it.

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