Peace (So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish)

  May 11th, 2017 by thehusk

I think it’s time for me to stop coming to this site. It’s something I do instinctively as a coping mechanism, but most of the time it doesn’t really help anymore. It’s just become another form of distraction, but I think there are probably healthier ways to do that. I’m posting this as a way of trying to hold myself to it. If I’m back here next week writing the same old bullshit, please remind me of it.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read my posts and comment over the last two and a half years. There’s a lot of thoughtful, interesting users on here, which is part of what kept me coming back so long. Although everyone has their own unique reasons for being screwed up, I like to imagine you all finding some form of peace.


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