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not again

by alexusdemi

I don’t want to be that post that you’re probably sick of reading, about falling into depression and healing from it. Three years. Three years of constant debating on weather i can stand myself or not. Starting to slowly fall back into a constant mind of self loath is so difficult. I’ve put my body and mind through to much shit to start being like this again. Scary thing is i don’t think im going to fight as hard as i did the first time.


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hope432 6/15/2017 - 8:59 am

Keep fighting as I did. There are always periods of uncertainty and darkness that somehow come back. I have managed to greatly reduce my depression once and for all.

alexusdemi 6/15/2017 - 10:52 pm

hopefully i can do the same. thanks for the comment, it actually helps.

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