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So long, my beloved

by mranony

I saw my mother died.
I saw every breath she struggling take.
I saw the twitches of her body as she dies.
I felt the warmth slowly leaving her body.
I saw my family breaking as my mother breaks.

And it was petrifying.

And as she was being embalmed,
I burnt every imperfection in my mind.
The scar on her left chest,
The stretch marks that bare the three of us.
And all the hardships she’s been through
etched in every part of her body.

And it was beautiful.


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freeroma 7/19/2017 - 8:14 am


Octr 7/19/2017 - 8:51 am

I hope she’s found peace <3

DissolvingOne 8/16/2017 - 3:20 am

You dear soul. I’m so tremendously sorry for the loss of your mum’s companionship here on this earth now. As I’m a mum to two (actually still rather young) ones, who love me greatly [thank God], as I vastly love them, I was touched by all your sentiment, above. I had /have no loving relationship with my mother–it is terribly dreadful, and I’ve truly done far more than was probably ever healthy in attempts to change that. But I know my children so very well that I somehow related to what you miust be experiencing, by feeling the grief, they, and children young and less-young, must experience when living through the passing of the loving woman of whom that young, or adult, child were borne. May peace be with you.

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