Day 3# ->Taking control

  September 18th, 2017 by Urm8451n

Hey, good day for everyone.
I won’t update about recent progress in the last goals [don’t have time atm]. But will bring up another problem I’m struggling with.
Taking control.

Lately I lost all control of my life. ┬áLived in poor conditions, stopped working out, started spending time like a freaking zombie infront of my computer, hoping to get new notifications from anything! (even from advertisings) – you could call it a new level of loneliness, but for me it is just plain sad.

My idea of helping me to get into “work” will be using the following skills:
1. Taking responsibility; each individual and its own way of doing it. For me it will be reminding myself how I’m fucking things up, and that I have a wayout, all I need to do is to commit for it, and do the best I can. Else – if I fail, or not succeed, it is my fault and none else.

2. Focusing on steps and goals; given a place I want to get to, I shall focus on my steps into getting there. Theoretically it should help me focus more on “doing” than on “feelings”\problems etc…

Please, comment and give me ideas on how to take control of my life.
Let me know how you dealing with it.

anyway -> Stay strong, be brave! yours Jac.

ps; promise to update about effectiveness of the solutions that I brought up in my last 2 posts.

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