who am I

  December 12th, 2017 by Drained-Blast

I’ve been around this project for a while but I did never have the energy to post, today’s am feeling bit better and that’s why I grabbed the opportunity to write.

I feel like having a whole population in my head, each person trying to make it theirs, looking from outside I have the best family and a prosperous future, but no one ever asked if I am really happy about it.

my parents ruined my life with their fucking ideal principles, : you should not do this, school before friends, school before hanging out, shcool school school and then school, ok I secured my future but then what? they destroyed my life, in my 30s still single, no friends no life at all. is having good grades will make us happy? definetly not, in my 30s and still struggling to cut ties with them, they created psychological bounds, now am insomniac, buliamic, stressed, anxious, bipolar… am thinking about what if I commit suicide? will I be missed? certainly not, my presence is nothingness itself, am nothing am a dying soul and that’s reality

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