Not Suicidal Anymore

  December 21st, 2017 by Draknes

Okay,Yeah the heading just gave away the fact that I am not suicidal anymore. But then why did I sign up for this depressing site?
Because I want to tell my story to someone who gives a fuck! And wont classify me as a Creep or Liar or Stupid or Attention seeker! There is only one person who understood me and she cut herself too. Cutting! I was never able to do that because I couldn’t bear my mother’s face if she so it.
There are two people who had a hand in me getting over my depression and I can never ever thank either of them. One of them being my Mom.
The second being a guy, my neighbor with his house right behind mine, and he has no idea that he has a huge part in saving my life. My only regret is that I might never get thank him.
What did he do? He sang,and played his guitar which is why I call him “The Boy with the Guitar” he was my ray of hope in drowning darkness.
Has anyone heard about Music Therapy because that what is was like for me. When I am sad I usually spent my night in my terrace in silence as the cold wind blew and felt myself drowning in darkness.
But some nights it wasn’t as silent as usual and I could hear him singing his voice gave me hope. It was the purest melody I had ever heard, it was like an angel’s voice that came to tell me “Everybody has something they are destined to do and they just had to find out what”.
I never quite figured out what was the lyrics of songs he sang but whatever it was they gave me hope and he is the reason I am still alive
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