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by Iucy

I would be so grateful if anyone could comment something nice right now. I just need to hear some nice words. Please, I just need someone to say something nice to me.


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clipped-wings 2/6/2018 - 10:21 pm

You are doing the right thing by seeking reassurance. I care about you.

mindlessgamer619 2/6/2018 - 10:25 pm

Sending a big hug your way.

Keep fighting and stay strong, you beautiful person, you.

Clebbus 2/6/2018 - 10:43 pm

The universe was made judt to be seen by your eyes.

monarchsandmysteries 2/6/2018 - 10:46 pm

I don’t know anything about you, but I have a strong belief in the resilience of humanity and you are a part of its web. There could be no whole without its parts and you play as important a role as anyone with the fact that you exist.

Considering that we don’t know where consciousness comes from, all of us are stuck on this planet together. We all experience loss, misery, hopelessness and confusion, but we also all experience joy.

I guess I’m trying to say that you aren’t alone in whatever you may be feeling. Since I don’t know your character, I don’t want to comment on it and be inaccurate because that could come off as insincere and I don’t want you to feel like you’re just receiving the same sorts of messages over and over.

Though most people who say such things mean very well, I also believe.

Feel better, stranger. Maybe we too can cross paths someday…maybe we all can.

Jean-bean102 2/6/2018 - 10:46 pm

Your request is perfectly understandable and very normal. Whatever it is, clearly it made you feel shitty. I am here to say that you are not. You are beautiful human being.

clipped-wings 2/6/2018 - 10:54 pm

Hey Bean! I got my long hair cut short. I was thinking of you.

spectralgiraffe 2/6/2018 - 10:52 pm


Letmyheartsing 2/6/2018 - 10:53 pm

Your were born strong.

clipped-wings 2/6/2018 - 10:56 pm

I like that!

clipped-wings 2/6/2018 - 10:56 pm

And we all want you know that you’re not alone!

a1957 2/6/2018 - 10:59 pm

I hope you find the good listener you need. That is something we all need.

clipped-wings 2/6/2018 - 11:07 pm


Morris 2/6/2018 - 11:24 pm

Puppy dogs pooping gummi bears beneath rainbows while chasing unicorns.

^ That’s pretty goddamed happy. ^

clipped-wings 2/7/2018 - 12:27 am

Puppy dogs pooping gummi bears? You’re a trip!

miszion 2/6/2018 - 11:48 pm

you are wonderful! you are beautiful! you are smart! you are loved!

keep your head up. and when you can’t, we are all here for you. <3

clipped-wings 2/7/2018 - 12:25 am

I hope you feel better. At least for now.

spectralgiraffe 2/7/2018 - 12:47 am

jalapeno stuffed olives. Nomnomnom. Sorry, irrelevant.

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