Depression, Apathy, Nihilism

  February 13th, 2018 by violet

So I have been a person who thought about suicide, but I don’t really think about it anymore (although, I do think about dying).

Anyways, I wanted to discuss this with people, and I don’t feel like doing that with people I know.

  • Apathy – The lack of feeling towards things
  • Nihilism – The philosophy/choice that everything means nothing
  • Depression – Apathy can be a symptom of depression

I think I feel mostly nihilistic, but the rest of it is apathy.

I do a lot of stuff, but it’s whatever…and I have given up a lot of things that are general topics for people.

Ex. Don’t watch TV (including news), not i na relationship, no kids, no house, no pets

(no reason not to include these things in my life)


I think I do love myself, but even though I am useful and do things, it’s just purposeless.


What is your experience of apathy and nihilism?

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