Feeling awful

  February 1st, 2018 by xwxixx

I’m fairly new here but I just needed somewhere to rant. I’ve been depressed for a long, long time – over half my life – and I’ve thought about Suicide a few different times. But lately is the most suicidal I’ve ever felt.

I don’t have any close friends, anyone who really cares about me. I’m really unhappy with my appearance and my weight. And my family treat me like everything is always my fault, like my sister can do absolutely no wrong, while I work hard and get nothing.

It feels like every time I talk, nobody cares or is listening. And it feels like nobody really wants me around anyway.

I’ve been feeling so dreadful that I wonder whether I should just kill myself but I’m scared. I’ve tried telling my parents that I feel this way but they brush me off like I’m making it up for attention. I don’t know what to do.

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